Kingdom Chapter 770: Release Date, Where To Read, And MOre!

Kingdom is a popular Japanese manga written by Yasuhisa Hara. The story has been received well by the audience and we have loved everything about it. The manga has been released on Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since its start in 2006. The audience has always been curious to know about the future chapters and story.

The manga consists of around 69 volumes right now and the story is getting better with every chapter. Being set in an ancient period, the writer has made an effort to transport the audience to ancient China. With 760 episodes plus, it has been going great and the fan base has been growing day by day.

The audience has been curious to know the release date of Chapter 770 for a while now. this article consists of information related to the release date, spoilers, where to read a lot more details. If that is what you are looking for, you are at the right place!

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Kingdom Chapter 770 Release Date

Being set in ancient China, the story brings out all the incidents that took place making it more interesting. The previous episodes took us back in time to show how it all took place. Shin was a slave in Joutu and had a friend that he could trust with his life. Everything started changing with the influence of war reached and his calm life took a pause.

Shin went back to the village where his other friends had taken shelter as well. It had been a long while since he had stepped there but the feeling of being safe came back to him. With the crafty way this author has written, the story has gotten every bit due to that.

The emotional angle of the story has kept us all interested in it as well. Now coming to the most awaited part, the release date. The 770th Chapter is all set to come out very soon on the 7th of September, 2023. Yes, with another chapter scheduled before that, 770 will be released in just a week’s time.

The chapter is going to be released in different countries at different time zones. It will release in Britain at 5 p.m. on 7th September 2023. In India, the story is set to release at 11:30 p.m. on the same date. As usual, it will release the next day at midnight in Japan and Korea.

The story is available to read online on Read Kingdom.

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Kingdom Chapter 770 Predicted Story

The story has continued to a great extent now. predicted the chapter is a little tricky right now as well. The story will surely focus on the other characters and their way of living. There are fun elements of other characters desiring to be the main characters of this chapter as well.

There have been a lot of moments that we have all loved in this story. The scene that we are all waiting for is to see how there will be a turn of events here. Since the historical moment has ended, the story has to continue on to something new.

The writer has a great sense and his way of crafting the characters tells a lot about it. We have all been loving all these emotional twists and how the story has been progressing well. But it seems like the story has to end sometime soon as well. Even if it does, it will be a great saga and be on a high note as well due to the great way the story has been crafted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kingdom

1. How many episodes does Kingdom consist of?

Kingdom consists of over 769 episodes.

2. When will Kingdom Chapter 770 be released?

Kingdom chapter 770 is all set to release on 7 September 2023.

3. What is the genre of Kingdom?

Kingdom is a drama, historic action genre manga.

4. Will the Kingdom come to an end?

There has been a lot of talk about it ending by the audience as well. Since the story has progressed so well, it might end sometime soon as well. So, we are just waiting for updates.

5. Where to read Kingdom online?

Kingdom is available on Read Kingdom.

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