Let’s Meet After Work Chapter 11 Release Date

Audiences have been waiting a long while for a lot of episodes to release. With all the tension and cliffhanger anticipation, they have been eager. The one in discussion today is Let’s Meet After Work and the wait is finally over. The story is a continuation of the previous one and has a very interesting turn of events.

Seongjun is up to something very different and something nobody would have imagined. He’s with Mr. Kim in the office discussing about things and talking about how he had been to another office and wished Taeri a happy birthday. He brings flowers along as a present and this seems to have ended really well.

Today, the audience is curious about the new chapter of the story and its release date. This article consists of information about the Lets Meet After Work Chapter 11 release date, plot, story, spoilers and more! If that is what you are looking for, you are at the right place!

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Let’s Meet After Work Chapter 11 Release Date

The previous chapters of Lets Meet After Work have been focused on how Seongjun has been doing things. With being an office, mingling with others and everything. The story goes along with the lead Chaewon going towards Seongjun. While bringing something nobody would have expected, she surprises him and suddenly wishes he’d never seen it.

This was a picture frame of Chaewon and she was suddenly embarrassed. He would make fun of her even though she was a crush. Such segments of the story make it feel very cute and also interesting. The audience have been loving such sequences and the ratings are getting better.

Getting to the main point, let us now look at the release date of Lets Meet After Work Chapter 11 release date. The chapter is going to be here very soon. It is all set to release on 3rd September, 2023. The story is going to be released at different times in different locations. It is going to be released in Japan and Korea at midnight on 3 September, 2023.

It is going to release in Australia at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, 3 September 2023. It is going to be released in the USA and UK on 2 September 2023, Saturday! The story can be read online in its English translation on LINE Webtoon.

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Let’s Meet After Work Chapter 11 Predicted Story And Recap

Chaewon looks really good and this is what Seongjun is feeling like. Chaewon looks like a beautiful bride in this and she has flowers in her hands. The audience has gone crazy with this and she has turned into all their crushes. Being the man Seongjun is, he does not show much expression but only says “Wow”.

She continues to talk to him and ask him if he received it and he jokes about hanging it in his office and starts thinking of a place to hang it as well. He deliberately makes jokes because such a situation won’t occur again. They start talking about the courier and he keeps making witty comments that make her smile.

She is keeping things simple and does not talk about her dad’s company going bankrupt or give any other details. She continues to ask him for the picture and feels uncomfortable that he’s holding it. He does give it back to her but he does not seem to give it a look while giving it back.

Mr. Knight comes and starts talking about how Chaewon and Damian are in the same hotel. The story will surely continue along these lines.

If there are any updates, we will let you know!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Let’s Meet After Work

1. Where can we read about Let’s Meet After Work online?

Lets Meet After Work can be read online on LINE Webtoon.

2. Who is the fun scene between in About Lets Meet After Work Chapter 11?

Let’s Meet After Work is a fun story between Seongjun and Chaewon.

3. How many chapters does Lets Meet After Work consist of currently?

about Let’s Meet After Work consists of 10 chapters as of now

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