Is Gulaabganj A Real Town In India? Read To Know The Guns & Gulaabs Mystery!

Netflix specials are getting better every single day. The way these shows are shaped to be more accurate and to the reality seems like the improvement of content as well. The one in discussion today is a very trending one called Guns & Gulaabs. Being set in the 1990s, this special interprets the story of four guys whose lives revolve around and are connected to a violent fight between two cartels.

The character of Atmaran is hated by the audience in the beginning due to the death caused. The story goes on to talk about Tipu Tiger. His father works for Ganchi, who is a cartel leader in Gulaabganj. He is brutally killed by Atmaran and is said to have around seven lives.

The audience has been thrilled by this project and has had multiple questions since its premiere on the website. Being an intriguing story, some audiences require time to understand the happenings of the show itself. The question being addressed in this article is if Gulaabganj really exists in India.

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Is Gulaabganj A Real Town?

Guns And Gulaabs is getting a very good review among the audience and the ratings are going over the roof. With its interesting plot and cast choice, the show is reaching heights. The story continues with Ganchi falling into a coma which leads to his son taking over.

Just like every other movie, there is a strict officer who arrives here as well. Arjun Varma is the Narcotics officer with a vision to clean out the town and get rid of any illegal activities that might take place. With the story flowing, he is also into a lot of trouble and the story escalates in another direction altogether.

With this small-town mindset, the movie shows us how things usually take place in such towns and escalate into something major. Gulaabganj being a small town, has piqued the interest of the audience here. The town of Gulaabganj really exists!

Yes, you heard that right. Anyhow, there is no connection shown between this town and the one depicted in the show. Gulaabganj is located in Madhya Pradesh. Neither the story nor have the makers confirmed any connection between the story and the real town that exists. So, there is a town with the name, and is also a small one.

There could also have been a coincidence since the town is set to resemble the title. The town Gulaabganj means Roses. To fit the description, they might have stumbled upon the name also. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

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Guns And Gulaabs

According to the show, the town is located in North India. This follows the poppy cultivation in India which usually has happened in three states. The town’s location has not been revealed exactly, it might be somewhere around there. The original shooting of the show took place in and around Dehradun.

With the rise of Ganchi’s son Jugnu, things will obviously change. Also, we are trying to make things very spoiler-free so that the movie is not ruined for you! The arrival of Arjun Varma signifies the cleaning of the town into being a place free of illegal activities. With things leading to one another, there surely is a lot of chaos. The depiction of the characters in the story has been done really well and the audience is thrilled about it.

It is said that the makers wanted to film the show in Andhra Pradesh. After reconsidering and looking at the script, they decided to make it in North India since it fitted the background of the story better.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Guns And Gulaabs

1. Where has the show Guns And Gulaabs been shot?

Guns And Gulaabs has been filmed in Dehradun mostly

2. Who are the cast of Guns And Gulaabs?

The main cast of Guns And Gulaabs is Dulquer Salmaan, Rajkumar Rao, and others

3. Where can we stream Guns And Gulaabs online?

Guns And Gulaabs can be streamed online on Netflix.

4. Will there be another season of Guns And Gulaabs?

Season two of Guns And Gulaabs has not been confirmed yet.

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