Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date, Predicted Story And More!

So many episodes of manga have been released recently and the audience has been highly curious about the stories. The one in discussion today is Dandadan. Over 100 chapters have been released and the response so far has been great. The latest episode seems like it has drawn an end to a very long story and the audience is now looking for what is going to happen later.

The story has come to the end of Vamola’s arc since the aliens are now gone and will not be causing any problems anymore. The story will continue to talk about joy and many more happenings in the future. This has been a long going battle and now the change of course will surely have entertained the readers as well. Also, this article does not contain many spoilers! So, go ahead!

The fans have been really excited about the new chapter and its release. This article is going to talk about the release date of Chapter 120, the predicted story and a lot more. If that is what you are looking for,

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Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date

Momo from Dandana seems like she is going to be really strong further. Reiko has been a surprising character after helping the aliens defeat Momo but did not attack her as well. This story has surely been very interesting and thrilling as well.

Reiko and Momo will surely continue to talk in the future and there are prospects of them becoming friends as well. They do remember their love lives and how they were involved in it as well. The story and its release have kept the audience waiting with its plot and story.

The 120th Chapter is going to be released on September 4th, 2023. The chapter is set to be released in different time zones in different areas as well. In India, the story is going to be released on 3rd September 2023 at 8:30 p.m. In Korea and Japan, the story is all set to release at midnight on 24 August 2023. In the USA, the story is said to be released on 3rd September, 2023. In Australia, the story will be released on 4th September, 2023.

The story is available to read on MANGA Plus all over the world!

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Dandadan Chapter 120 Predicted Story

The previous chapter has been continued from another old one and is a continuous series of events. There has been addressing of the arc and the end of the Vamola’s arc will bring joy to the series as well. She surely might not be happy to see them living there with those that she loves and go back to the planet.

The story might continue with Vamola staying with Momo and beginning a new journey on planet Earth. She is starting to learn the language and gets along with the activities here also. The story continues to see the others training. We can observe that Okarun, Momo and others have continued their training and there is another topic as well.

The concern here is that Momo is thinking about how Reiko did not attack her after doing her part in being an aid to the aliens as well. The previous chapters and storyline have shown Okarun asking to be taken instead of Momo being targeted as well.

The story will surely follow along these lines itself. The new life on earth while maybe starting school, learning the language and more will show us the story that will go on further! If there is any more information, we will surely let you know.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dandadan

1. What is the story of Dandadan about?

Dandadan is all about Momo and her story.

2. How many chapters does Dandadan consist of currently?

Dandadan currently consists of 119 chapters already.

3. Is Dandadan going to get cancelled?

Dandadan is not getting cancelled anytime soon since the story has been going great and it has been getting a lot of responses as well from the audience. If there is anything about the cancellation, we will be updated soon!

4. Where can we read Dandadan online?

Dandadan can be read online on Manga Plus.

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