Detective Conan Chapter 1117: Release Date, Spoilers And More!

There are only a few thrilling stories that make it over 1,000 chapters as a manga. There are some classic stories that the audience cannot stop reading and the one in discussion towards is surely on that list. Detective Conan has its own amazing fan base who are always eager about the next chapter and how it is going to turn out.

The story of Rei Furuya, Rum and others on Washio Mountain seems very interesting. They are all climbing the ill and the audience is curious to know what will happen next since they are close to reaching the peak of the mountain anytime soon.

The story has successfully crossed over 1,000 chapters and is now about to release its 1117th chapter. This article contains details about the chapter, its story, release date, spoilers and a lot more. If you are looking for answers, this is the right place!

Read further to reveal all the details of the story!

Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Release Date

The story of Detective Conan has been going strong all these chapters. The crew is on Mount Washio and they are suggesting to stop and take a sleep break. They have all been awake all night playing Mah-Jong and it seems like they do need rest. Mouri is not pleased by this. Shiho continues to say that he is worried about his daughter going on a trip to someplace far away. The story gets even better with the reaching of the summit.

They continue to talk about the hike and Ran Muori tells them that there is a great view of the evening glow when the sun sets. They continue to discuss their own scenarios and crate conversation accordingly.

The 1117th Chapter of Detective Conan is set to release on August 30, 2023. Yes! It is going to be available on Wednesday. However, the story is going to be released at different times in different time zones. In India, the story is set to release at 5:30 PM IST on August 30, 2023. It is going to be released at 8:00 AM in New York on Wednesday as well. However, the story will release the English version a few days later!

In Japan, the story is set to release at 9:00 PM on the 30th itself. In Korea, the chapter will be released at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The manga can be read online on many platforms like Viz Media.

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Detective Conan Chapter 1117 Predicted Story

The group is at the mount trying to reach this summit and there is a lot more going on in the story right now. Shiho starts talking about how excited she is to be there, she starts to talk to Heiji. Ran continues to say that it was a great idea that they were here at Mount Washio. We all know what Ran has been up to recently.

Ran is trying to set up Shiho and Heiji to be together so that they will confess their feelings towards each other. They found out later that it had suddenly started to rain and the forecast was not right. There is no protection nor do they have an umbrella. Luckily after finding a temple right nearby, they take shelter there. The priest tells them that the only visitors come there to have a look at the Buddha Statue. Ran is worried about them not making it back in time or the rain not stopping, they will miss the sunset.

The story is going to follow these lines in the next chapters for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Detective Conan

1. How many chapters does Detective Conan consist of right now?

Detective Conan consists of 1116 chapets currently.

2. What is Ran up to in the story of Detective Conan?

Ran is trying to set up Shiho and Heiji so that they can express their feelings towards each other in Detective Conan

3. Will Detective Conan be cancelled soon?

No, there are no signs of the story ending right now since the quality of the content is great and the story is also going great. There have not been rumours about its ending.

4. Where can we read Detective Conan online?

The story of Detective Conan can be read online on Viz Media.

The story of Detective Conan can be read online on Viz Media.

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