Killer Book Club 2 Release Date: Will More Killer Clowns Return?

If you are a fan of the Scream franchise or I Know What You Did Last Summer, then this recent Spanish series is the one for you. It follows eight friends after they start getting killed by a killer clown who seems to know all the dark secrets they possess. 

Killer Book Club has been written by Carlos García Miranda, directed by Carlos Alonso Ojea, and produced by Brutal Media along with Raimon Masllorens, Antonello Novellino, and Arlette Peyret. This web show has been adapted from a fictional novel called El Club De Los Lectores Criminales written by Carlos García Miranda in 2018. 

Killer Book Club was released on Friday, 25 August 2023, and has garnered a rating of 4.7 from IMDb, 34% from Rotten Tomatoes, 5 from IGN, and 68% from Google users. Most viewers were disappointed with the film, but some are quite interested to know whether there has been any official confirmation regarding the Killer Book Club 2 release date.

Killer Book Club 2 Release Date

For fans of Killer Book Club, there is some sad news. Neither the showrunners nor Netflix have said anything about the renewal of this show. However, they have not canceled it officially either. Miranda, the writer, said in an interview that he is not a fan of making sequels and at the time of writing the first season, he was not interested in Killer Book Club season 2. 

Though he has agreed that there is still some scope for the second season, until the first season exceeds expectations, the chances for a renewal seem to be low. As of August 2023, there is no official Killer Book Club 2 release date. 

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Killer Book Club 2 Plot

You may find the plot of Killer Book Club familiar. The movie starts with an unknown girl who is burning her mother in a library. It then shifts to the university where our eight main protagonists are. We can say Angela is the main character when gets assaulted by her literature professor.

Getting enraged, the group pulls a prank on the professor by using a clown. But he ends up dead, and a certain clown starts killing the friends. Even though everyone is sure the murderer is someone among them, the identity is not disclosed until it is too late. The interesting part is that the killer clown kills these students according to a book. 

As soon as a new chapter is published, the new victim is killed according to the story. One by one, they all fall victim to the killer clown until Angela, Nando, and Sebas are left. It turns out Sebas is the real killer and is avenging his girlfriend Alice, the mysterious girl who burned her mother in the beginning. 

It turns out Angela stole Alice’s story for her selfish gains, and the latter committed suicide with her mother following the betrayal. But, Alice was not dead and Virginia was her in reality. After an ensuing fight, Alice and Sebas are killed while Nando and Angela escape. Killer Book Club 2 has no plot.

Killer Book Club 2 Cast

In Killer Book Club, we see Veki Velilla in the role of Angela; Alvaro Mel in the role of Sebas; Priscilla Delgado in the role of Virginia; Ivan Pellicer in the role of Nando; Hamza Zaidi in the role of Koldo; Maria Cerezuela in the role of Eva; and Ane Rot in the role of Sara. 

We also see Carlos Alcaide playing Rai; Daniel Grao playing Cruzado; Carmela Lloret playing Catalina; and others. Killer Book Club 2 has no cast as of now.

Killer Book Club 2 Trailer

There is no Killer Book Club 2 trailer online. But, Killer Book Club 1 has its trailer on YouTube.

Where Can You Watch Killer Book Club 2 Online?

Since Killer Book Club is a Netflix original, it has been uploaded on the original site. If Killer Book Club 2 is renewed, the new film will also be available on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Killer Book Club 2 release date set for?

The Killer Book Club 2 release date is unknown as of August 2023.

2. Has Killer Book Club been canceled by Netflix?

Netflix and the creators of the show have said nothing about the cancelation of Killer Book Club.

3. Who were the killer clowns in Killer Book Club?

In Killer Book Club, there were two killer clowns, Sebas and Virginia, or Alice.

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