The Woman In The Wall: The Shocking Truth About Magdalene Laundries!

English stories have always been unique in their own creative way. They have been tasteful and have a whole different point of view from what the others are expecting. The one in discussion today is one such brand-new hit. The Woman In The Wall is the one in discussion today and is the latest drama series of BBC One. The story was carried forward brilliantly by Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack.

The lead of the story is Lorna Brady, a woman who has a habit of sleepwalking which she has suffered in the past as well. Due to the habit, she has been facing a lot of abuse since she was younger. The story is said to have been from the Magdalene Laundries scandal as well.

Magdalene Laundry is the place where people with issues would be incarcerated and this place ran for years as well. So, the story has been focused a lot on that. If you are looking for answers about The Woman In The Wall being a true story or not, you are at the right place!

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Is The Woman In The Wall Based on a True Story?

The Woman In The Wall is the story based on Lorna. The character’s story is based on the real experiences of the Magdalene Laundries survivors. Lorna gives birth in the Laundries but the baby is taken away from her. This is said to have happened often in these places to a lot of women.

The story has also told us that these women were asked to nurse their babies for around two years and then they were taken away from them. The place has had a lot of stories and the girls weren’t given any air or were stitched up after birth. This is horror and the activities do send a chill down the spine.

Sinead O’Connor was somebody who was sent to the Magdalene Laundries when she was only 14 years old. She had spoken in an interview about her experience there and referred to the place being a prison. She had been sent there because she had been shoplifting. Being locked in as children, having no contact with their families and many such events.

So, Lorna in the woman in the wall is not a real person but the story is based solely on the experience of the survivors of these Magdelene Laundries. It is an upcoming series so do not miss it!

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Magdalene Laundries

Magdalene Laundries were an institution that took in “fallen women” which referred to sex workers, unmarried women, mothers and those who were found problematic. The institutions were run by Catholic nuns back in the 18th to 20th Centuries.

Being admitted there, the women were made to work physically for hours together often with no pay at all. They were hardly ever allowed to keep contact with their families and included commercial laundry.

The place also used to abuse the women. The survivors have told tales about physical and sexual abuse by those in power. Approximately around 30,000 women were confined in the walls of these Laundries.

Most times, women never left the Magdalene Laundries and died being confined there. Finally, the downfall led to the closing of these horrific institutions. In 1993, the Laundry was sold to a property owner who found a grave of 155 women in a mass grave most of who were not been declared dead. They did face charges against Torture and other activities. With such activities going on, the survivors were given compensation packages as well.

The final Magdalene Laundry was shut down in 1996 and these places were horrific chambers that gave no freedom to the women there. This led to the shutting down of the laundries.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Woman In The Wall

1. Who is the lead of The Woman In The Wall?

Lorna is the lead of The Woman In The Wall

2. What is The Woman In The Wall based on?

The Woman In The Wall is based on the lives of women in the Magdelene Laundries.

3. Is The Woman In The Wall a true story?

While Lorna is not a real person, the story is based on real-life events.

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