Burn The House Down Season 2: Is The Show Finally Getting Renewed?

A thriller manga is something that is trending right now. these have a very vast storyline with a lot of suspense which has interested the audience. The one in discussion today is Burn The House Down. This is an anime based on a manga series of the same name. it is written and illustrated by Moyashi Fujisawa and it is a very interesting piece.

The story goes along the lines of Anzu and her family. When she was young, the house they used to live in burned down and her mother took the sole blame for it. This led to a lot of drama, which caused them to divorce as well. While Anzu moves always with her mother and sister, her father rebuilds the house.

He goes on to marry one of her mother’s friends Makiko. As Anzu grows up, she feels like Makiko is the one who is actually responsible for the fire. And thus the story goes on accordingly. The first season was well-received by the audience. Now, everybody is curious about season 2. This article contains details about the release date, story, plot, and more!

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Burn The House Down Season 2 Release Date

Anzu and her journey with her family have not been that great. It does hurt her a lot to watch her mother struggle with her feelings. On the other hand, her father was not very ideal either. The story has surely piqued the interest of the audience as well.

Season one of Burn The House Down premiered on Netflix on July 13, 2023. The season consists of 8 episodes each 40-50 minute in duration. The story has very recently been released and the makers are still collecting the reviews and data about what interested the audience. With the information we have right now, the makers have not confirmed the arrival of season two. Neither Netflix has not spoken about the matter.

There are a lot of Japanese anime series that do not usually receive another season. stories that have a defined plot that allows us to predict it do not get another one just like the plot in Burn The House Down.

Thus, the prospects of another seasons arrival seem a little slim. The first season almost covered all the volumes of the manga as well which means there is not much content left.

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Burn The House Down Season 2 Predicted Story

The story of Burn The House Down has been great until now. As an anime, it has all the factors. It has a good storyline, a plot and more as well. The story goes along with Anzu moving out of the house with her mother and sister after the house burned down.

Her mother has been dealing with a lot of stress and emotions and this has made it impossible for Anzu to see her in this state. When she goes searching, she feels like Makiko is the reason for the house burning down. By the end of the season, Anzu finds out the actual truth. Shinji, Makiko’s son from her former marriage is the one who set fire to the house years ago.

 KIIchi is the older brother who surrenders to the police when the matter is reopened. While everybody expected it to be Shinji, it turned out to be different. Shinji apologises to Anzu’s mother and Kiiichi is released. He continues to move in with Anzu since they have a very complicated love story and they do confess.

If there is another season, it will talk further about their love story and its developments.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Burn The House Down

1. Who is the lead of Burn The House Down?

Anzu is the lead of Burn The House Down along with Kiichi.

2. Who wrote Burn The House Down?

The manga Burn The House Down was written by Moyashi Fujisawa.

3. Was Burn The House Down cancelled?

There might be chances but there has not been any news about the cancellation of Burn The House Down until now. Lack of material and other factors might matter here.

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