Who Is Saravana Arul? Biography, Net Worth, Height And Personal Details

There have been many celebrities who have risen from their own talent. They have made a great name with their other works and are now stepping into acting and creating a new name for themselves. Many newbies in Bollywood and other cinema industries are now stepping there with their own talents and fames.

We are now discussing about one such personality known for its own accomplishments. Saravana Arul is the person we are discussing about today, as told in the title. Saravana Arul is known for his own business in Tamil Nadu. Well, I think there are many other aspects about him that are known to the audience.

The personality has a lot of stories about him and he is also called Legend Saravana. While all this looks very different, most of us might not be aware of who he is and what he has accomplished to earn the fame he has right now.

While Legend Saravana is known for his works, there are more aspects of his cinema journey as well. If you are looking for details, this article is especially for you. In the further sections, we will discuss about Saravana and his life.

Who Is Saravana Arul?

There are not many Malayalis who know about Saravana Arul and his upcoming movie as well. Saravana Arul is said to be making a debut with his first movie- The Legend. The actor has his own reputation and name built in Tamil Nadu. He is very popular through his business and iconic chain.

Saravana Arul is known for his huge chain of stores called the Saravana Stores. He is now the owner of his own chain of shopping malls or complexes as well. Being named The New Legend Saravana Stores, the chain is known for its retail of furniture, clothing, and many others.

The actor and businessman Saravana Arul is thus the owner of his family business. His debut movie is gaining a lot of popularity and his promotions are bringing more eyes towards him. with a successful business and also a foreseeable cinema journey, Saravana is now set to make his name in another industry.

His movie will surely be good since he has a good taste and is visible through his business. While stepping into another dimension or industry, there has to be a lot of decisions made and he has now aced all this.

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Saravana Arul

Saravana Arul is a popular businessman known for his many ventures and projects. Being a very famous personality in Tamil Nadu, he is now set to make his name known to all of India. The actor is now promoting his first movie and is looking forward to its release. He was recently spotted at the Cochin International Airport and is surely busy with promotions of his upcoming movie.

The actor was spotted along with Lakshmi Rai and Urvashi Rautela. Being so busy with promotions, he is also occupied with business meetings. He is the proud owner of the Saravana House and each of their ventures. His name is well known in the world of business but now we will all know who he is through his movies and acting as well.

The personality is said to have a rich background as well. being from such a family, he is very educated and also wise with his business decisions. The movie Legend is said to have a big budget and has hit the top charts with its music already.

His net worth is said to be around 100 to 200 crores as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Saravana Arul

1.Who is Saravana Arul?

Saravana Arul is a businessman known for the famous Saravana stores.

2. Which is the first movie of Saravana Arul?

Saravana Arul’s first movie is called The Legend

3. Where is Saravana Arul from?

Saravana Arul is from Tamil Nadu.

4. What is the net worth of Saravana Arul?

Saravana Arul’s net worth is said to be around 100 to 200 crores approximately.

5. What is the profession of Saravana Arul?

Saravana Arul is basically a businessman known for his chain of stores called Saravana Stores and also a new chain of shopping complexes as well.

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