Who Is Kamalika Chanda? Ullu Actress Age, Net Worth And More!

Over-the-top platforms are very beneficial these days for the content they provide. Anytime we are home alone or feeling bored, these are easily accessible to watch and stream online as well. There are many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and many others. The one we are talking about today is Ullu.

Ullu is another over-the-top platform that comes up with its own series and shows that are entertaining. We are speaking about one actor for this platform today who is known for her acting skills and talent as well.

Kamalika Chanda is an actress known for her many projects and roles in many movies and series. All that is known about her is from her roles and characters only. There is not much revealed about her or her personal life. So, if you are looking for information about her, you are at the right place! Let’s talk and discuss about her and all the projects she has worked on these past years

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Who Is Kamalika Chanda

Kamalika Chanda is a popular actress known for her many roles. She is a 1992 born who is from West Bengal. After finishing her education, Kamalika chose to focus more on her passion for acting. She is from Kolkata and has now already worked on many projects.

Her initial work brought her all the experience she needed to move forward in the industry.

Movies like Strugglers, She, and others brought her a little popularity. Her 2016 project was the main highlight that brought her most of the fame she has now. Miss Teacher is a 2016 movie in which Kamalika Chanda has played the role of Miss Rose.

She gains most of her income from the web series and movies that she has worked on. Her other income would come from all the modelling and photoshoots she does. She is popular on Instagram too. So while being an actress, her content creation and partnerships have all added up to bring her all the wealth.

She has recently been working on many projects in 2023 and most of them will release soon. She is an Ullu actress who has also worked on many web series that have become very popular on the platform itself.

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Kamalika Chanda

Kamalika Chanda was born in Kolkata on 6th October 1992. She is a Bengali actress known for her movies like She, Miss Teacher and various others as well. She is around 30 years old and all her recent works have gained a lot of recognition. Known for her bold and skilled acting, she is getting more popular.

Kamalika Chanda started working on web series a while ago. Her series include Rosgulla and Mastram which became very popular on the Ulllu platform. She has also recently been working on Sautele, Laal Batti, and other series that are being discussed about a lot.

Her series Happy Ending, My Darling, Pathshala 2 and others became very popular soon after their release and she gained a lot of popularity.

The actress is pretty different from the rest and her own taste and skills towards the roles she plays. She has stolen the hearts of most of her young fans who are very interested in following all the work that she does and watching them after their release.

As for her personal life, not much information is available. We do know that Kamalika is not married and is focusing mostly on her career. She might be in a relationship but no details whatsoever are revealed or known.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kamalika Chanda

1. Who is Kamalika Chanda?

Kamalika Chanda is an actress known for her many roles on Ullu

2. Where is Kamalika Chanda from?

Kamalika Chanda is from Kolkata, West Bengal

3. Is Kamalika Chanda married?

No, the actress is not married but any other details about her love life are not known to the media yet.

4. When was Kamalika Chanda born?

Kamalika Chanda was born in 1992.

5. Which movie made Kamalika Chanda popular?

Kamalika Chanda’s role as Miss Teacher brought her a lot of popularity.

6. What are some series of Kamalika Chanda?

Kamalika Chanda’s role as Miss Teacher brought her a lot of popularity.

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