Who Is Arjun Talwar? Real Name Revealed!?

Bollywood and its filmy themes are never-ending. The stories and their direction are always unexpected and different in many ways. Creating biopics and stories about the lives of cricketers and celebrities has now become a new wave.

There are always many such stories coming out which are based on the lives of sportspersons and also other celebrities. One such movie is under discussion today. Jersey, we all might’ve heard the name and how popular the movie got. Movies like Jersey, Mary Kom, Rashmi Rocket, Bhaag Milka Bhaag and many others are based on the genre of sports and sportspersons.

The stories are usually real and are narrated by the cricketers about their journey through life and their path to success. While they are fun to watch, there are always a lot of speculations and doubts that the viewers have. In this case, the audience is wondering who Arjun Talwar is.

Arjun Talwar is the lead cricketer in the recent Bollywood movie called Jersey. Its popularity and audience base have now been curious about who is the real Arjun and details about him are in demand.

In this article, we will go through the cricketer and many other details about his life. So read further to know more!

Who IS Arjun Talwar?

Arjun Talwar is a cricketer from the movie Jersey. The role is played exceptionally well by Shahid Kapoor and his performance was highly loved by fans and viewers. The movie is a direction by Gowtham Tinnanuri and it has come out well.

Through this movie and its songs, Shahis surely made a great comeback after a while as well. Arjun Talwar is a cricket prodigy in the film. He is also a Grade III officer as well. His character is inspiring and motivational to many.

Talwar’s story in the movie and how he struggles to prove his true self and innocence have evoked the emotions of the viewers here. The character is thus purely fictional and is not a real person. Yes, the movie has not been inspired by the lives of any real cricketers or has been adapted as well. The director Gowtam confirmed to the media that this story is entirely fictional and has no connection whatsoever to any other cricketer.

While the story is very good and its depiction is great, the rawness of the script makes it feel like the story is actually inspired. The question only shows how great the script and dialogues have been made! For all those who were waiting for details about the real Arjun, sorry he’s fictional!

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Arjun Talwar

Arjun Talwar is the lead of the movie Jersey. His moving performance has attracted many nominations and audiences towards the story as well. The story is about how he has been wrongly accused and his struggle to prove his innocence as well. Being a family man, he needs to regain his respect and job to continue living the way he has.

His wife Vidya and his son Kittuu make the perfect family for Arjun and he is ready to do anything for them. The story takes a wild turn when he is suspended from his government job on the basis of impurity. While he needs to arrange 50,000 to show and prove that he has nothing to do with this and that he is innocent, the story continues.

With all this going on, he has a lot of things to think about. He stops playing at the age of 26 and stays home after being insulted with charges. Due to his son’s wish, Arjun comes back to play and gains a great name. The tragedy cannot be stopped and the character finally passes away due to his heart disease.

While being a fictional story, it truly feels like a real one. The cast and director have done a fantastic job with the movie!

For more updates, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Arjun Talwar

1. Who is Arjun Talwar?

Arjun Talwar is a cricketer and the lead of the movie Jersey.

2. Who played the role of Arjun Talwar?

The role of Arjun Talwar was played by Shahid Kapoor

3. Why does Arjun Talwar die in Jersey?

The character dies due to heart disease

4. Where can we stream Jersey online?

The movie can be streamed on platforms like Netflix.

The movie can be streamed on platforms like Netflix.

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