Dhanush Best Movies: A Must-Watch List for Fans of Tamil Cinema

South Indian Cinema and movies have always been our go-to source of entertainment. There’s something in such movies that makes us forget all our pain and just relax for a while. Movies get better through their scripts and performance. Even if the movie is bad, the actors’ performance can make it worth the watch. When it comes to Indian cinema, the audience is always very interested in the plot and knowing the cast.

The fans always connect themselves to the cast and through this, they feel more connected to the story. After years, all of India is focused on some actors due to their blockbusters. The movies are all coming back into the limelight. Some movies that were really good but did not receive attention are now trending again due to the OTT platforms.

The actors have all previously worked on very good projects and have stolen the hearts of the audience. Most of them are South Indian actors whose movie lists the audience is now looking for. There have been some lists already which have listed some of the best works of such actors and now, it’s time for another one!

This list contains all of the best movies of our favourite actor- Dhanush! Yes, some of the gems that he has worked on are listed below. Do read the article and watch the movies if you like them!

Dhanush Best Movies

  • Maari

If there is a way to start a list right, then it is to point out the best movies the actor has ever made. Maari will always stay on the top of the list. Maari is a cult favourite of all the Dhanush fans out there. They have always loved Thara local or any other songs of the movie which made them go crazy about the actor and his movies.

The story is about Maari and his girl whose role is played by Kajal Aggarwal. The story is about how people turn against him and how he still manages to fight all the odds and gain what is his. The movie was a huge hit and a major success. It is almost watched by all the South Indians who love Dhanush.

So if you are planning to give it a watch, do try it!

  • 3

Dhanush has acted in many beautiful movies and three are going to be on the list, always. The movie was an emotional rollercoaster and also was a huge thrilling one. The movie focuses on the life of Ram and Janani, two school students who eventually fall in love.

Ram pursues Janani all throughout the movie and is such a delight to watch. The way she sacrifices everything for the love is another element.

How they get married and their life is shown on the movie. The very famous movie is the main one where why this Kolaveri comes on as well. So, this is surely a must-watch for the ones who loved the premise.

Dhanush and Shruti Hassan played the leads in the movie and it is such a cute one. The movie can be streamed on Youtube!

  • Atrangi Re

This is yet another beautiful movie on Dhanush and is a Bollywood one. The story is surely really cute and very interesting as well. The movie made a huge talk around it and the cast

 also were loved by the audience. The songs of this particular one got really popular as well.

The cast included Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush and many others which made it a good hit as well. Akshay Kumar’s appearance in the movie also was a great one.

So if you want to stream this one, it is a great watch! It can be watched online on Hotstar, so do give it a try!

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  • Raanjhana

Now this is a classic. This movie was one of Dhanush’s firsts on Bollywood and it was a great watch! Being the love story of a schoolgirl, the movie is unique and also very interesting. Its plot is about Dhanush and how he Pursues Sonam Kapoor, the school girl in his own way.

Did she finally fall for him or did he understand that it is a one-sided love story? Well, watch the movie to find out.

Being one of his initial Hindi movies, this made a great collection as well. The movie became popular and also paved the way for most of his other hits in the language and industry. If he was popular before, his appearance on this one made him popular and known all over the country and not just in South India!

So do stream this one because it is surely worth a watch. Also, the songs are a catch so do listen to them as well!

  • Maari 2

Do we even have to ask about this one? This is a cult favourite for everybody who admires Dhanush. It is such a great one and became instantly popular. Its cast also was fantastic which made it more of a success.

Kajal was in the first one and in the second? Well, it’s our beauty queen. We had our Sai Pallavi on the lead of Maari 2 and her performance was just exceptional on this one!

Particularly the couple got a lot of love from the audience and oh, the songs were great. I don’t think there is anybody who has not heard of Rowdy Baby. For most South Indians, the movie is literally at the roll of the tongue and we all enjoyed the story!

So do stream the movie online!

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  • Velailla Pathadari

This is yet another classic of Dhanush’s movies since most of his movies are good hits! VIP also known as Velailla Pattadari is a very popular one that made Dhanush more famous than he actually was before. The plot of the movie and the story is also very interesting.

Dhanush being the lead on this, has worked with Amala Paul as the heroine. The movie is surely worth a watch!

This is a Tamil action drama which came out about 9 years ago and people still remember him from this movie so it is such a good one. The movie was so loved that the makers decided to come back with another part as well so yes, that is how great his performance is.

The movie can be streamed online on Voot, so do give it a watch!

  • Aadukalam

Aadukalam is yet another good hit of Dhanush that gained a lot of reviews and ratings. The movie is very old, as it came out in 2011. The cast of it is also very interesting and the story is fun as well. Dhanush and Taapsee Pannu are the leads on this!

Taapsee plays the role of Irene and her performance on this one is very good and since it is also from her initial years, it makes this a must-watch!

The movie has an interesting story. It is about two rooster trainers who usually fight over who wins a cock fight competition and the story is entwined around this plot. It also has a pretty love angle, so you can try watching this one as well!

The movie can be streamed on SunNXT!

  • Shamithabh

Saving the best for the last, this movie is a classic of Dhanush! Guessing by the title, you might’ve discovered the cast of it as well. The story revolves around Dhanush, Amitabh Bachchan and Akshara Hassan. The movie is a 2015 release that became a huge hit soon after its release. This is another Hindi movie of his that became popular.

The story is about how Danish, a mute man tries to fulfil his dream of becoming a Bollywood actor. Facing all the obstacles that come his way, the man tries to become a Bollywood actor and in this way, he meets Amitabh Bachchan.

Overall, this movie is a great watch and also is fun! It can be streamed on Eros Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dhanush

1. Is Dhanush South Indian?

Yes, Dhanush is a Tamil actor.

2. Does Dhanish sing?

Yes, Dhanush sings a lot in movies. You might have seen his works on Why Dis Kolaveri Di and other songs as well.

3. Is Dhanush married?

Yes, he is married to Aishwarya Rajinikanth for over years now.

4. What are some of Dhanushs famous movies?

3, Maari, Raanjhana and many others come under his famous movies.

5. How much is Dhanush’s height?

Dhanush is 5’6 in height.

6. How old is Dhanush?

Dhanush is currently 40 years old

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