Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79 Release Date

Manga is something that continues constantly keeping the audience curious always. The stories usually go on for years together and the issues release very frequently as well. The one in discussion is one such manga that has gained a good name for itself. The manga has recently been releasing a lot of episodes in frequent intervals and there are so many positive reviews about it.

Into The Light Once Again is based on Alisa. It follows the death of her perfect princess sister Marianne. Marianne was a beautiful princess indeed. She had a radiant smile that caught the attention of all the beholders. While Alisa received a lot of sarcasm for also being a princess and was compared to her sister, she loved her.

She’s wrongly accused and put into prison for days together. There’s no hope to live except for the cold food and water that is served every day. The story continues to tell us the tale of Alisa and the death of her sister Marianne.

The 78th chapter of Into The Light Once Again was released a few days ago. The audience is curious to know when there will be another episode. Here’s everything we know about it!

Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79 Release Date

Into The Light Once Again is a beautifully written manga by Tikatika that combines fantasy and romantic taste to it. The story is all about Princess Alisa and how she rises from the ashes to transform herself into something she had never been courageous to be. As she starts to go deeper, the layers unfold and she uncovers the mystery of how she was framed. Sought to take revenge, Alisa goes on a path.

Into The Light Once Again Chapter 78 was released on 20th July 2023. This leads the audience to anticipate one at the end of the month of July itself. Indeed, it turns out that the anime is set to premiere on the 3rd of August 2023. It surely does release at a different time in every different region. The anime is going to release on the 3rd of August at 8:30 PM IST.

The story has been long awaited the audience is at the tip of curiosity to know what occurs next.

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Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79 Predicted Story

The manga is surely tasteful and a thrilling one that has kept its readers waiting for so long. Revolving around the royals Alisa and Marianne, it does not fail to capture the faintest of details based on their lives. The subject of the manga is a princess who is framed, betrayed and lied to. The journey she takes to rekindle the warrior in her and comes back to be the best version of herself is incredible.

Princess Alisa is a royal who recently lost her sister Marianne. Always being subject to people’s eyes, she was used to sarcasm and kindling. She dearly loved her sister, who was the perfect princess. after the unfortunate death of Marianne, Alisa is framed and pushed into a prison without any connection to the outer world.

When she learns the truth about how her own family has framed her, she is shocked and devastated. Through fate, she is reborn as a princess of an enemy empire. She is now doubtful about whom to even trust and is seeking to uncover the truth and the intentions of her family and why did they did her wrong. The next chapter will continue to uncover the story and continue the tale of Alisa.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Into The Light Once Again

1. How many chapters does Into The Light Once Again consist of?

Into The Light Once Again consists of 78 chapters right now

2. What is the genre of Into The Light Once Again?

Into The Light Once Again consists of fantasy, romance and shoujo.

3. Who is the lead of Into The Light Once Again?

Princess Alisa is the lead of Into The Light Once Again.

4. Where Can We Read Into The Light Once Again?

Into The Light Once Again can be read on Tapas in English. But in this, there are around 70 chapters currently.

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