Mieruko Season 2 Release Date: Is The Horror Anime Back?!

Horror comedy is a very unique and rare genre these days. With increasing anime of this genre, the series that releases look great. The series with horror is usually a little terrifying and also the comedy genre adds to the interest. With so much fear, there is a lot of fun involved as well. The audience is very interested in such a story too!

The show we are discussing today is derived from such a manga itself. The show Mieruko Chan is based on its Japanese manga version written by Tomoki Izumi. The story revolves around Miko Yotsuya, who is a simple high schooler. Her life takes a huge turn when she cultivates the ability to see spirits and ghosts.

While this might scare anybody, it happens to her too. She is scared in the beginning but over time, she learns to lead a life while ignoring this ability. While this keeps happening, she learns that this ability might be of great use and will help others. So, what adventures does she go on to help those in need? This has to be revealed in the second season.

When will there be a season two of Mieruko Chan? Read further to know more!

Mieruko Season 2 Release Date

There are many series of this same genre of horror-comedy and My Hero Acamedia and many such anime stand on top of the list. While just being on the list, this one is also surely worth a watch with its building pretence and suspense as well. The show is very entertaining and has gained a lot of ratings and comments online.

October 3, 2021, was when the first season of Mieruko Chan premiered. The season consisted of 12 episodes and all of them were very interesting and thrilling. While it had us scared and wanting more, it lightened the mood with its fun sequences. The show ran for three months and concluded in December. Ever since then, the audience has been eagerly waiting to know when there will be another season.

It turns out that the show is still yet to be renewed by the Studio. While having many positive reviews, the show has a curious audience as well. There might not be an immediate renewal but since it has just been around two years, we can still wait for a while. If the makers make any announcement, it will make their intentions clear to the audience as well. If things go as planned, the show might return in 2024.

Mieruko Season 2 Predicted Story And Cast

Mieruko Chan is a Japanese horror-comedy anime directed by Yuki Ogawa. the first season of the show has covered around three volumes of the manga. While there are only a total of six as of now, there might be a little less content available for the makers to cover as well. The author of the manga has told us all that there surely will be more content further and that the story will not end.

This means the tale of Mieruko will continue. So if the makers do have a date, they will surely let us know soon. The first season ended with Mieruko helping Zen to get back to living a peaceful life. The shrine spirit does help her in many ways and she feels like giving it an offering. The story will answer many unanswered questions that were left at the end of the first season.

While many spirits seem to follow her, there has been a mix-up. Her friendly intentions have seemed to irritate the spirits and this has woken many issues. All the confusing cliffhangers of season one will surely be answered in the second one.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mieruko Season 2

1. What genre is Mieruko Chan?

Mieruko Chan is a Japanese horror-comedy series

2. How many seasons are there in Mieruko Chan currently?

The show Mieruko Chan has one season as of now.

3. Was Mieruko Chan cancelled?

No, the show has not been cancelled since the makers have not made any announcements about the renewal or the cancellation yet.

4. What is Mieruko Chan based on?

The plot of Mieruko Chan is based on a manga series written by Tomoki Izumi.

5. When will season two of Mieruko Chan release?

There are no updates about the second season yet.

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