Ayumu Makes His Move Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

There are many new genres of anime building these days but the classic always remain the most watched ones. The show in discussion today is also of the classic sort. It is a romantic comedy titled Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru. The show is based on a manga series written by Souichirou Yamamoto. Being one of the shows with a lot of positive reviews, it has received a lot of ratings.

Ayumu Tanaka is the lead of the anime and is also a Kendo champion. He decides to join an official Shogi Club after he gets promoted. High school is where he decides to join the Kendo championship. He has a lot at stake right now. The man has fallen in love with the president of the club. But, is he going to propose? No, since he wants to win a game against her itself.

Urushi Yaotome is the girl he is in love with and this romantic relationship has made the fans love them.

The anime has always had fans eagerly waiting for more episodes of their love and more battles. If you are looking to know the dates of the second season’s release, here’s all we know!

Ayumu Makes His Move Season 2 Release Date

The first season of When Will Ayumu Make His Move/ premiered in July 2022. The series ran for a course of three months and concluded in September. The anime consisted of around 12 episodes with 24 minutes of runtime each. Being an anime from the Silver Link Studio, this seems like a great one as well. The story has not yet been renewed by the makers or the production.

While this one is a bit different and cannot compete with top anime, this is still an entertaining and interesting story. But to the relief, there is still a lot of content remaining for the manga that can be covered in the upcoming seasons surely. The anime

has had a lot of positive reviews so, the audience is also in hope for a second season.

It has been just one year since the first season so there is still plenty of time for the makers to renew the show and come back with another season. if there is an announcement, there will surely be a lot of predictions. All that’s left is to wait for the makers to give their decision.

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Ayumu Makes His Move Predicted Story And Cast

The story of Ayumu and Urushi is loved and interesting. The second season story will surely pick off from where the first one ended. The end of the first season shows the scene where Urushi and Ayumu play a shogi game. They play this through their phones on a full moon night. The story goes on when Urushi brings stuff for her friends at the Shogi Club.

But things turn around when she loses the lucky charm given by Ayumu but finally is able to get it back. This is an awe moment for the audience since they see how she misses Ayumu. He also starts gaining a little more confidence since he has started to get better and improve at what he does.

The second season will surely show us the deeper relationship between the two and how he will finally propose to her as well. There will be many characters from season one in the second one as well. Hinano. Ayumu, Rin, Urushi, Maki and many other characters will surely return to the second one as well.

So, if there are any more updates about When Will Ayumu Make His Move we will let you know!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ayumu Makes His Move

1. Who is the lead of Ayumu Makes His Move?

Ayumu Makes His Move lead is Ayumu Tanka.

2. Who is the love interest of Ayumu in Ayumu Makes His Move?

Urushi Yaotome is the love interest of Ayumu in Ayumu Makes His Move.

3. What is the genre of Ayumu Makes His Move?

Romance comedy is the genre of Ayumu Makes His Move.

4. Was Ayumu Makes His Move Cancelled?

No, there have been no updates about the cancellation of the show.

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