My Husband Hides His Beauty Chapter 109 Release Date

Mangas are a core source of entertainment for fans of the genre and anime lovers a swell. It is crucial to follow every single episode of a manga during its run to get to the essential details that the author deciphers. The one in discussion today is surely a quality manga that has readers from all around the world. My Husband Hides His Beauty is yet another thrilling manga with an interesting plot.

The story has currently completed around 100 episodes and is powering through forward. The release date of the 109th episode is a question everywhere today and we are here to reveal all the details pertaining to the given topic.

The manga is solely based on Leticia, a reincarnation of an orphan. She does visit her previous life in her dreams and details of it are very beautifully explained. She is said to have been an orphan who died from a tragic fire at the orphanage. Her fear of expressing this view has constantly been there. Will her life change this time is what the story narrates to the audience.

Here’s everything we know about the release of the 109th Chapter of My Husband Hides His Beauty.

 My Husband Hides His Beauty Chapter 109 Release Date

My Husband Hides His Beauty is a thrilling anime with a lot of interesting plots covered within it. The story is about Leticia and her tortured past. Her ability to remember everything might provoke some to assume she is a watch as well. Thus, she is determined to keep quiet and pretend to not remember anything.

The manga currently has around 107 episodes and is running very strongly. The next episode, which means the 108th episode is set to release on the 3rd of August, 2023. Since that one is set, there are few who are curious to know about the one after that. So, the 109th episode of My Husband Hides His Beauty might come out around 10 days after the release of the 108th one.

The tale of Laticia and her current life is surely something many have found an interest in. The way she lives, and her determination to find out what has happened is surely inspiring.

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My Husband Hides His Beauty Chapter 109 Predicted Story

The story of My Husband Hides His Beauty is all about the life of Leticia and how she continues to live it. She has this hidden ability that allows her to visit her past life in her dreams. All she has is visions which show her life and how it ended as well.

Leticia is thus reborn and is now living in a family where nobody seems to like her. While visiting her past life, she is afraid to disclose this information to anybody as well. There are possibilities of them assuming that she is a witch and that might endanger her life.

Thus, she is determined to life stronger. Her current family is no good. They do not like her and have planned to ship her off to another land. This is caused due to a promise her father made before his death. She is thus set to be sent off to the land of the Master lord where she is to wed him.

Her worst fear comes true when she marries him but soon learns about the truth. He is nowhere like the monster she imagined him to be and turns out to be a cute guy as well. She finds out why he always wears and mask and learns about his insecurity.

The 107th episode showed his actual face when he discarded the mask. People were so mesmerised that they said he look like a true angel. With the face of a demon, the man actually looked like an angel. He seems to be the one who actually saved them from a demon.

So, the episode will continue further along these lines.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About My Husband Hides His Beauty

1. What is the genre of My Husband Hides His Beauty?

My Husband Hides His Beauty is a romance genre manga.

2. How many chapters does My Husband Hides His Beauty have?

My Husband Hides His Beauty consists of 107 episodes currently.

3. Who are the leads of My Husband Hides His Beauty?

Leticia and her husband Erden are the leads.

4. Where can we read My Husband Hides His Beauty?

My Husband Hides His Beauty can be read on Tapas.

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