A Couple Of Cuckoos Chapter 168 Release Date, Time, Where To Read, Plot, Spoilers

Long runs of manga are something that the audience looks forward to. They love the way the series goes with the flow of episodes that consist of elaborate little details that are often missed out in animes. A Couple OF Cuckoos is a very interesting manga that has been around for long now.

The audience has been continuously following every single chapter and is thrilled with the way it goes on. Sachi and her family have surely made the previous episode very interesting and entertaining as well. Watching the reviews flow makes the makers definitely happy.

The audience is now wondering about the release of the 168th chapter since their curiosity cannot be contained easily. If you are looking for details pertaining to the mentioned subject, you are at the right place.

The following article contains details, release dates, spoilers, and the predicted story of the following episode. So, do read further to know all about it!

A Couple Of Cuckoos Chapter 168 Release Date

A Couple Of Cuckoos revolves around the life of Sachi. The subject of the series has proved to be entertaining and her family does not fail to do so as well. The story revolves around them and the enjoyment of a board game. The recent releases state the winner of the Annual Umino Family Year-End Tournament and it is no surprise that Sachi is the delighted winner.

While the first place has been awarded to Sachi and runners to her parents, the third position is handed to Nagi. According to the rules, Nagi is now supposed to be on the cleaning work. Nagi goes on to list the recent events of his life which include his three billion yen debt, and his inability to get married and continues to wonder how he couldn’t reach the set goal in the game as well.

With all this happening, the audience is waiting upon a 168th chapter to know the further doings of the family. The chapter is said to release on August 4, 2023. While releasing at different times in different regions, it is said to release at 5:30 PM on Friday, the 4th.

The chapter will surely be filled with more details about the family and many more fun events that have taken place.

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A Couple Of Cuckoos Chapter 168 Predicted Story And Cast

The story of the manga revolves around Sachi who is the lead of the show. Her family loved playing the board game and they do turn it into a contest. Being the winner of this year’s Tournament, Sachi feels really elated. The Annual Umino Family Year-End Tournament seems to be the one where Sachi wins the first place. The second place goes to her parents and the third to Nagi.

With everything going on in his life, Nagi does not accept to be on the receiving end of the punishment. It has seen seen previously that Nagi and Sachi are asked to take rest and not stay up on the New Year’s Eve. While not being able to believe his return, Sachi continues to question him. He claims to have attended the Ai Chan concert and then returned home. He talks about Erika Chan as well. He goes on to reveal that Erika had dinner with her mother.

Sachi prepared a Soba for him since it is known to be a favourite dish to him. She also accepts his help to study with her since she did not pass the mock test well. Sachi explains what Sensai told her and how she fired her. The continuation of this story and their conversation can be seen to return in the next chapter of A Couple Of Cuckoos. The manga can further be read online on Tapas.

Stay tuned for more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About A Couple Of Cuckoos

1. When will A Couple Of Cuckoos chapter 168 release?

A Couple Of Cuckoos Chapter 168 will release on 4th August 2023

2. Where can we read A Couple Of Cuckoos online?

A Couple Of Cuckoos can be read online on Tapas.

3. How many chapters does A Couple Of Cuckoos consist of currently?

A Couple Of Cuckoos currently consists of 167 episodes.

4. Who is the lead of A Couple Of Cuckoos?

A Couple Of Cuckoos lead is Sachi.

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