Is Insidious Returning With Another Installment?

Sci-fi or horror genres are always something that fans are looking to explore. The movies of the horror or thriller genre are overflowing with their excellence rating these days. Movies that are coming out are more realistic and honestly, tarrying to those who aren’t into the genre. The one in discussion is one such movie. The movie is like a series and has had several parts released previously.

Yes, Insidious is a movie that is a current trending topic as of now since the new one has just been released. Insidious: Red Door was released in July 2023 and the fans of the series fell in love with the film. Since the directors had decided not to bring in many terrifying scenes in it, the story was more surrounding the script and fewer horror scenes.

With a vomiting dead guy, a scary clown and more, the Red Door is certainly a great addition to the Insidious collection. Following the release of Insidious: Red Door, there are a lot of talks about Insidious 7. Well, here’s everything we know about the next Insidious movie.

Will There Be Another Installment Of Insidious?

The Red Door is surely a good movie but with fewer scenes that blow the brains off the fans. Considering the previous ones, the new one is surely better. The entry to the realm has been a constant in most of the movies and it continues on this one as well. The story between Josh, the recollection of memory, his son going off to college and a lot more has made the story more interesting.

The girl in the movie is surely a best friend to the lead, Josh’s son but there is a lot coming back to them. Splatter of blood is not new in this movie and surely, blood due to sketching seems crazy. The story revolves around Josh and his son and how they fight against Josh’s father by entering The Further.

Coming to the discussion about another part of Insidious, the movie does not look like it will happen. The movie already has six instalments and this feels like there’s an end somewhere. The end of the sixth Insidious surely screams that this is going to be the end of the series and there further will not be any Insidious movie. Being a direction by Patrick Wilson himself, the last movie brings an end to the famous Lambert family and their adventures.

As said by the makers and also the post-credits scene, this will be the last one of the franchise.

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Insidious: Red Door Recap

The movie Insidious Red Door was surely a great watch with a lot of past coming back to us. The instalment has come back after a few years and its arrival surely thrilled the audience. The story starts off with the death of Daltons’ grandmother. The story revolves around Josh trying to connect with Dalton. The movie tries to maintain suspense until he end as well.

There’s so much that they both seem to have forgotten. Dalton and Josh are the only two who have the capacity to go to The Further and talk to the spirits. But they seem to have forgotten an entire year of their lives due to the hypnotism performed. Dalton is now off to college and Rose tries to tell Josh to connect more with his son.

Being the stubborn one that Dalton is, he goes on further exploring the unknown. During his art class, he starts figuring out a lot and suddenly he starts bleeding due to the crack of a charcoal crayon. The story goes on to a lot more details and Dalton starts seeing a lot of spirits that he hasn’t before. But luckily, Chris has got his back and she saves him.

The movie has a soft and perfect ending where Dalton and Josh come back from The Further after saving each other and will not return to the realm again.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insidious

1.When did the new Insidious release?

The new Insidious movie released in July 2023

2. How many Insidious movies ate there in total?

There are six Insidious movies in total.

3. What does Dalton Lambart want to pursue?

Dalton wants to pursue a career in arts and become an artist.

4. Was Insidious cancelled?

The insidious series has ended due to the decision of the makers.

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