Radiant Season 3 Release Date: Is The French Comic Finally Renewed?

Japanese anime is something that the entire world is talking about right now. Everybody is busy trying to sketch their own characters and also come up with good anime stories. But while the trend has been going crazy in Japan, it has been booming in other countries as well. Most manga or light novels are only from Japan. But the one in discussion today is a very unique story to start with.

Radiant is the first ever French comic to get published in Japan! Yes, while being filled with fun adventures it also takes us on a ride through a fancy world. It is not a manga, but it is a manfra! Sounds very cool right?

The audience also loved the story with all its ups and downs as well. The first season of this one was a great hit and the audience have loved it. The Pompo Hills and all the adventures packed together make it worth watching. So, this article will take you through the prospects of the release of a third season of Radiant.

Radiant Season 3 Release Date

Radiant is the first French manfra to have been released in Japan. The audience of this anime has been deeply in love with this and also has loved every episode of it. The monsters called Nemesis try to take over the throne itself. This has now affected the Pompo Hills. With this attack, the people who reside in the Pompo Hills are now in trouble.

The ones who survive their touch are given a curse that affects them differently. The curse in turn has its own kind of magical powers left in it. This one has the ability to turn the people into sorcerers itself. The magical power is named Fantasia.

The makers have not yet spoken about the renewal or arrival of the third season at all. The first and second seasons have run from 2018 to 2013. But as of now, there have been no announcements about the third season. these updates are always time-consuming and never come on time.

The story has been very strong and the audience has been very thrilled with it as well. The good reviews and ratings might side with the renewal of the show itself. But since there is a lot of positivity around it, the prospects of a season to release in 2024 look promising.

There is not much that can be said before the announcements, so let’s just wait and watch.

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Radiant Season 3 Predicted Story And Characters

The threat of the Nemesis has spread all across the Pompo Hills and those living there are in great trouble. The creatures are so dirty and filthy that everything they touch gets contaminated and becomes untouchable as well. The ones who do persist in the touch and are strong are now given a curse as well. The story revolves round the lead named Seth.

Seth is one of those who survive the attack of the Nemesis itself. All that he needs is to bring back the peace that is lost now. The ones affected by the curse turn into sorcerers themselves. So when this happens, they start becoming mean and bitter.

Seth is trying to make them normal and erase the bitterness itself. The only way to destroy them is to find their place of origin and uproot them from the very beginning itself. So, these are all the challenges they are faced with. All the characters of the first season wills surely come back for the third one.

Other characters including Seth, Melanie, Doc, Alma, Bobley and others will surely return in the next season as well. Seth is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori. Melanie is voiced by Aoi Yuki, while Bobley is voiced by Mokoto Koichi. The season is surely a good one and its arrival will thrill all the fans that have waited for the show.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Radiant

1. How many seasons does Radiant consist of?

Radiant currently has two seasons

2. What is the genre of Radiant?

Radiant is a fantasy adventure anime

3. Who is the lead of Radiant?

Seth is the lead of Radiant

4. Was Radiant season 3 cancelled?

No, there have not been any updates about the season cancellation yet.

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