Is The Catholic School Based On A Story?

There are so many shows which portray the true incidents of the society. With much violence and bullying going on, the makers of the shows bring out the truth in the scenarios and present inn before the eyes of the audience. The show being discussed in today’s article will specifically aim to bring before the audience such tales.

Titled as La Scuola Cattolica, the film has gained lots of attention for its bold and truthful plot. This beautiful Italian film focuses on showing the brutal side of students of Rome and how they get into scenes and acts of violence. It is surely not a pleasant watch but truly an eye-opener.

Being narrated from the point of view of a character of this story, it has come out very beautifully and aims to bring out the triggers behind these acts of violence. The story being watched and reviewed by many audiences has now had some questions. The audience is curious to know if the story is actually inspired by true events.

Well, is it? Read further to know more!

Is The Catholic School Based On A Story?

The Catholic School is an Italian film originally titled La Schoula Cattolica. The plot regarding the violence of students and their triggers has gained a worldwide audience. The story is a great narration from the eyes of Edoardo Albinati who witnesses all the acts done by Angelo Izzo and Gianni Guido. The movie surely shows us how and why they actually tart all this and what could help us prevent it.

Okay, now coming to the main answer. For all of those wondering if this is a true story, yes! The movie has a true event behind it that it has tried to depict in the movie. It is based on a semi-autobiography novel by Edoardo Albinati. Yes, the name sounds similar since the movie is also from the point of view of the author.

The story is narrated by Eduardo and it speaks about Circeo Massacre. This is actually done and caused by Angelo Izoo, Giovanni and Andrea. While it brings out brutal truths and also some eye-opening events, its narration and story have been written greatly. Bringing life to such a story is always difficult and the makers of The Catholic School have surely done a wonderful job.

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The Catholic School

The story of The Catholic School is very interesting and surely deserves a watch. It narrates how Angelo and Gianni did some unspeakable things which are now out in the open. On September 29, 1975, Angelo and Gianni lead some girls to their place. Andrea’s family owns a villa where they take Donatella and Rosaria Rosaria. As what is said in the report, the two men started off with wrong intentions towards the women. When did not agree, the women were threatened and locked in a bathroom.

Later, the men brought it another friend and he reportedly introduced himself as Jacques to them. The men further continued to rape the women for over 35 hours while they were drugged and unconscious. After this, they killed Rosaria by hitting her and drowning her.

Donatella was smart and pretended to be dead when they strangled her. After this, they put them in the back of a car and when they were parked and away, Donatella made sounds and brought attention towards her. When her call was answered and officers came, Gianni and Angelo were arrested. Andrea ran away and then died in 1994 due to a drug overdose. While Angelo was on parole, he committed several other crimes which led him back to life imprisonment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Catholic School

1. Who are the victims in the Catholic School?

The victims of The Catholic School are Donatella and Rosaria.

2. Where can we stream The Catholic School online?

The Catholic School can be streamed on Netflix.

3. Where did the story of The Catholic School occur?

The story of The Catholic School happened in Italy, Rome.

4. Who is the author of the book?

Eduardo Albinati is the author of The Catholic School.

5. What happened to Angelo?

He was in prison and then came out on parole. During this time, he moved on to kill two other women and this led to his life imprisonment.

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