Where To Watch Custody Movie 2023 Online?

The South Indian industry is slowly making its mark in the global entertainment universe, and the recent release of Custody has brought further hope. Custody was released on 12th May 2023 and has already received a rating of 9 from IMDB, 3/5 from the Times of India, and 94% from Google users. 

Even though the box office collection in the opening week was less than expected, most viewers were not disappointed. They feel Custody will turn out to be an underrated movie and are blaming critics for their poor opinions and showing it in a negative light. According to a Twitter thread, fans feel the film has good background music, and some of the action scenes are so well directed, it almost feels real. 

Where To Watch Custody Movie 2023 Online?

Since the release of Custody was recent, it is currently not available online on any site or OTT platform. For a movie to get released on an OTT channel, it takes approximately 30-45 days from the date of the original theatrical release. This film might be available on any online platform by the end of June or July. 

Most South Indian movies collaborate with Amazon Prime Video for their OTT releases, and this Naga Chaitanya starrer might do the same. However, some recent reports and entertainment tabloids state Netflix has acquired the streaming rights and might release it in June. 

There has been no official confirmation regarding the same, and we might have to wait before we hear the actual news. For now, the Custody movie is available to watch at your nearest movie theater. 

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Custody Movie 2023 Story

The story is set against the backdrop of 1998 in India, where Shiva, a police constable, and Revathi, a driving instructor, are in love and want to elope and tie the knot in matrimony. Unfortunately, Shiva gets involved in arresting Rajasekhar, aka Raazu, a notorious criminal who does the dirty work for Chief Minister Dakshyini. Along with George, a CBI officer, Shiva, Raazu, and Revathi plan on going to Bangalore to produce Raazu in court, who has incriminating evidence against the Chief Minister and her party. 

This evidence is proof of her active involvement in the Morampudi bomb blast, where Shiva’s brother Vishnu was a casualty. Learning of his arrest, Dakshyini sent the Inspector General of Police, Nataraj, and some of her political goons to kill Raazu. Caught in the crossfire, Shiva, Revathi, and Raazu escape, but unfortunately, George is killed. Finding themselves in a helpless situation, the trio enlists the assistance of Major General Phillips Satya Raj. 

Even under police protection, they get surrounded by goons and IG Nataraj confronts Shiva to kill his father. Shiva’s father kills himself since he did not want to see his son lose to the criminals and he acts as an escape route for the three to catch the train to Bangalore. The trio is again chased by Ravi, Raazu’s brother who wanted to take his position, but is killed by Raazu. Their happiness falls short when Raazu gets murdered by Nataraj. However, justice prevails when Shiva produces a voice recording of Raazu confessing to everything at the Bangalore court. 

Where Can We Watch Custody Movie 2023 For Free?

A movie takes about 45 days from the original release date to be available on other platforms. Custody was released on 12th May 2023 in a theatrical release, and that is recent. It is available to watch only in movie theaters now. You will be able to watch the Custody movie for free when any TV channel gets the broadcasting rights or any OTT channel releases it on its platform. 

However, certain OTT platforms require a prior subscription to watch certain content. As of now, there has been no official news about the release of Custody on any online streaming sites or being broadcast on any television channels. 

Custody Movie 2023 Cast And Crew

The Custody movie 2023 was directed and written by Venkat Prabhu, and produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi, Srinivasaa Silver Screen, and Anji Industeries. The original language is Tamil, but the movie has a Telugu version as well. Abburi Ravi has written the Telugu version of the dialogues. 

Naga Chaitanya, as always, has impressed all of us in his role as Shiva. Aravind Swamy as Raazu and Krithi Shetty as Revathi were the biggest pillars of Custody. Priyamani as Dakshyani and R. Sarathkumar as Nataraj played the roles of the antagonists pretty well. Supporting actors like Sampath Raj as George, Ramki as Phillips, and Jayaprakash as Varghese were also commendable. Vennela Kishore was cast as Prem in the Telugu version and Premgi Amaren in the Tamil version. 

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