Dick Wolf Net Worth: How Much Is The Celebrity Making?

Dick Wolf is a famous American TV and movie producer, actor, director, creator, and television writer. His TV series ‘Law and Order’ franchise raised him up to stardom, followed by the ‘Chicago’ franchise and the ‘FBI’ franchise. He has also written four books and received several awards. 

Dick Wolf Net Worth

As of May 2023, we can estimate the current net worth of Dick Wolf at around 600 million dollars. The ‘Law and Order’ franchise was his stepping stone into richness. The original ‘Law and Order’ premiered from 1990 till 2010 and ended with its 20th season. However, in 2022, the original series was revived and is now on its 22nd season with another on the way. 

This show has other spinoffs like ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’ which is running from 20th September 1999 and ‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ which premiered from 1st April 2021 and was renewed for its fourth season in April 2023. Wolf also produced four other spinoffs which have concluded their episodes.

He also produced other related series to the ‘Law and Order’ franchise like ‘New York Undercover’, and ‘Deadline’. The ‘Chicago’ franchise is made of ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Chicago P.D.’, ‘Chicago Med’, and ‘Chicago Justice’ and the ‘FBI’ franchise has ‘FBI’, ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ and ‘FBI: International’. They were huge hits and garnered a lot of attention and applause. 

Dick Wolf’s massive kingdom of produced shows and series has made him one of the richest American television producers. He is well-known for his wide variety of cop shows and that has gotten him over an estimated 1.6 billion dollars in just three years. His advertising and screenwriting have remained major reasons for his flow of income.

During Wolf’s divorce from Noelle Lippman, she submitted documents to the court breaking down his yearly, monthly, and daily income. The document showed he makes around 120 to 180 million dollars on a yearly basis, about 10 to 15 million dollars on a monthly basis, and around 330,000 to 490,000 dollars on a daily basis. To break it down more easily, we can say that he earns around 20,000 dollars every hour of a day, which makes it approximately 333 dollars per minute. 

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Dick Wolf Early Life

Dick Wolf was born Richard Anthony Wolf on 20th December 1946 in New York, USA. His father was a Jew and his mother was a Catholic of Irish descent, and he was raised as an altar boy. He attended the Saint David’s School, the Frederick Gunn School, and then, the Phillips Academy. Wolf graduated with flying colors from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts. Wolf was also a part of the Zeta Psi group in college. 

Dick Wolf Personal Life

Dick Wolf had three wives, and he divorced all three of them. He married his first wife Susan Scranton in 1970 and got divorced in 1983. His second wife Christine Marburg married him in 1983 and they split up in 2005, making this his longest relationship. Wolf and Noelle Lippmann, his third wife, tied the knot in 2006 but went their separate ways in 2019. He currently has five children of his own. 

Dick Wolf Honors

Dick Wolf has received several awards, notably the Governor’s Award, the 2002 Creative Achievement Award, the Leadership and Inspiration Award, and the 1997 Achievement Award. He was also rewarded with the Award of Excellence at the Banff Television Festival. The Mystery Writers of America gave him a Special Edgar Award in 2003, the Publicists Guild of America gave him the Television Showman of the Year Award in 1998, and the Museum of Television and Radio gave him the Tribute in 2002. He also received a star at 7040 Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007. The Television Academy Hall of Fame made him a member in 2013 and he is also the Consul General of Monaco. 

Dick Wolf Miscellaneous

Dick Wolf reportedly contributed to the presidential campaign of Fred Thompson for the presidency in 2008. They know each other from the sets of ‘Law and Order’ when Thompson was cast as a district lawyer. His ‘Law and Order’ franchise became so popular that ‘Community’, a sitcom released a parody episode on it on NBC in 2009. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Dick Wolf?

Dick Wolf is an American director, producer, and writer.

2. How much is the net worth of Dick Wolf?

Currently, his net worth can be estimated at around 600 million dollars.

3. Is Dick Wolf married?

He has divorced all three wives.

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