Where Is Matt Lauer Now? Latest Updates and Current Whereabouts!

Matt Lauer is a former American television news anchor and journalist. He was the co-host of the NBC morning show “Today” from 1997 to 2017. The TV anchor faced some serious accusations of sexual misconduct in 2017 that made his professional career go on a complete toss. Not one, but multiple women came up with the allegations against him. He was charged with sexual harassment, inappropriate behaviour, and of sexual assault.

It all started when Brooke Nevils, a former NBC News employee accused Lauer of sexual assault. According to her Lauer sexually assaulted her in his hotel room during the Sochi Olympics in 2014. In several interviews, she stated that it was non-consensual. However, talking about the particular incident Lauer has denied the allegations of being non-consensual. He said that they both had an extramarital affair which was very much consensual

There was credible evidence in the complaints that were there against him. And these accusations let NBC News fire Lauer. As a result of his tarnished character his relationship with his peers and with the industry also deteriorated. Many of his close friends cut ties with him after the misconduct allegations. Savannah Guthrie and Katie Couric, and many other of his peers broke all ties with him. His colleagues were shocked and disappointed after the news came out. 

Is Matt Lauer returning?

Where Is Matt Lauer Now?

Since then, there have been no public reports of Matt Lauer returning to television or resuming his career in the media industry. It has been almost five years since Lauer was fired and sources say that he is planning for a comeback in the industry now. His friends have pushed him to make a comeback just like Megyn Kelly. Lauer’s dismissal from the NBC TV show did not affect the viewership and ratings to a great extent as feared. Sources say that there was only 3% less viewership in the show after Lauer was fired. Lauer was not the sole reason for NBC’s show Today being so popular. The show started in 1952. Hence, the legacy and popularity started long back. The new host of the show is Hoda Kotb, who has a strong hold on women’s viewership.

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Where Is Matt Lauer Now?

Matt Lauer has been off the limelight since all the allegations surfaced. He and his ex-wife are divorced now for two years. According to a source, they divided their assets where she kept the horse farm in the Hamptons, and he received their acreage in New Zealand. His ex-wife also received a lump amount of about $25 million as alimony. He sold his Hamptons estate which was of value 44 million dollars. He has been keeping a low profile and spending family time. His former wife and three children share a cordial relationship now.

Who is Matt Hauer dating now?

After facing these accusations and serious backlash Matt’s ex-wife, Annette Roque, filed for divorce. Matt Lauer is now dating his girlfriend Shamin Abas. Shamin and Lauer are long acquaintances. The former is a marketing professional and works with various events in New York.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie still friends?

The friendship between the two ex-coworkers came to an end as a consequence of Matt Lauer being accused of sexual harassment and then being removed from his position.

2. What compensation did Matt Lauer’s ex-wife receive?

According to a source, they divided their assets where she kept the horse farm in the Hamptons, and he received their acreage in New Zealand. His ex-wife also received a lump amount of about $25 million as alimony.

3. Who was the mother of Matt Lauer’s child?

Matt Lauer has three children with his ex-wife Annette Roque. Two boys named Jack and Thijs and a girl named Romy.

4. Why was Ann Curry fired?

In an interview after almost a decade, Anne Curry said that it still hurts to think about that era when she was fired from the show. She co-hosted the program with Matt Lauer. It was said that there was a lack of chemistry between the two and that is the reason for her firing. Additionally, there were rumours circulating at the time that he had a hand in getting Curry fired.

5. How is Lauer’s relationship with his children?

Lauer shares a good bond with his children. After his divorce, he often meets his children. He considers them a priority in his life.

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