Dave Ramsey Net Worth: How Did He Become So Rich?

Dave Ramsey, the bestselling author of ‘The Total Money Makeover’, is a personal finance consultant and entrepreneur. This American writer also hosts radio shows where he gives constructive advice on financial matters. He has written several non-fiction books and some for children. 

Dave Ramsey Net Worth

Dave Ramsey Net Worth

As of May 2023, Dave Ramsey’s net worth can be calculated at around 200 to 210 million dollars. Ramsey has struggled with financial losses since an early age. This has played a major role in his growth as a financial consultant. He started small by offering advice on money matters to couples in his church, then created a financial counseling group named Lampo Group, and finally published his first book, ‘Financial Peace’ in 1992. 

This Lampo Group was changed into Ramsey Solutions, his company, in 2014. He has also worked as a radio host, and WWTN/Nashville’s ‘The Money Game’, was his first foray into the world of talk shows. ‘The Money Game’ was later renamed into ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’, a talk show where Ramsey would provide financial feedback, advice, and assistance to people for three hours daily. 

Alongside it, he has written and published books on finance. His most notable works include ‘The Total Money Makeover’ in 2003, which was listed as a New York Times bestseller; ‘EntreLeadership’ in 2011, ‘More Than Enough’ in 1999; ‘Financial Peace Revisited’ in 1992; and ‘Baby Steps Millionaires’ in 2022. 

Ramsey is also the author of many children’s books, including ‘Adventures in Space’ in 2005, ‘My Fantastic Field Trip’ in 2003, ‘Careless At The Carnival’ in 2003, and ‘Battle Of The Chores’ in 2005. There is a financial video lesson and course by him called ‘Financial Peace University’ which came out in 1994. Ramsey earns about 1.2 million dollars per month, which puts it at approximately 15 million dollars per year. His success is largely due to his hard work in the field of finance. 

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Dave Ramsey Early Life

Dave Ramsey was born David Lawrence Ramsey III on 3rd September 1960, in Antioch, Nashville, Tennessee. His parents were both real estate developers. His schooling was completed at Antioch High School, and he graduated with a BSc in real estate and finance from the‌ ‘College of Business Administration’ at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

Ramsey’s interest in real estate comes from his father, who was his pillar. Once, when he was 12 years old and wanted a popsicle, his father said he was old enough to afford it. This inspired him to sit for a real estate exam at 18, which he passed with flying colors. He tried out different ventures, like lawn care and leather bracelets, and used the profits from his businesses to pay for his higher education. 

Dave Ramsey Personal Life

Dave Ramsey tied the knot in matrimony in 1982 with his current wife, Sharon. They have three children together: two girls named Denise Whittemore and Rachel Cruze, and one boy named Daniel Ramsey. Ramsey, along with his daughter Rachel, co-wrote the book ‘Smart Money, Smart Kids’ which was published in 2014. Like her father, Rachel is also a financial advisor who has written multiple books on monetary issues. Ramsey identifies himself as a conservative, evangelical Christian and has a strong dislike for politics.

Dave Ramsey Net Worth

Dave Ramsey Controversies

There have been several controversies regarding Dave Ramsey. One incident was reported back in 2014 in The Daily Beast, where he was accused of being aggressive and hostile towards his employees who were not satisfied with the working conditions. He even hacked into their private online conversations and offered monetary compensation to those who would reveal the identities of the employees against him. He received instant backlash but was successful in deleting the anonymous Twitter accounts throwing shade at him. 

Yet another incident was reported in September 2021, when a former employee at Ramsey Solutions pressed charges against him on the grounds of discrimination because of her sexual orientation. Another employee was fired because her pregnancy went against Ramsey Solutions’ policies since she was not married to the man she was romantically involved with. However, Dave Ramsey denies every accusation that was thrown at him. Certain financial policies of his have also come under heavy criticism since one size does not fit all. 

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, he threw a lavish party, violating the safety rules. His company also remained open after his employees contracted the disease following a Christmas party where the caterers were not allowed to wear masks or gloves. There are videos available online that clearly show Ramsey’s disrespect toward others. All the previous incidents and other occurrences are a major reason for his name being swept up in controversies. 

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