Is A Silent Voice Based On A True Story? Unveiling the Truth Behind the Popular Anime Film

“A Silent Voice,” directed by Naoko Yamada and released in 2016, is a truly emotional anime movie exploring themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the importance of empathy. Recently there have been discussions if the movie is based on true events or not, and many theories have been written against it. Fans have loved the movie so much that they have started thinking that it might be based on some real incidents. But the truth is, the entire story is fictional. But the issues that the movie deals with are real-life problems. This is what made people resonate with the movie so deeply.

A Silent Voice Movie Plot

“A Silent Voice” movie revolves around two protagonists Shoyo Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. Shoyo is a young boy who bullied Shoko because she was deaf during his schooling years. However, this behaviour stayed with Shoyo for long, and when he grew older his past actions haunted him. In an attempt to seek redemption, he again meets with Shoko after so many years to ask for forgiveness for his past actions. The delves into the real-life issue of bullying that many teenagers face during their growing years. Bullying leaves traumatising effects on the victim and that is portrayed in the movie.

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Is A Silent Voice Based On A True Story?

Although “A Silent Voice” is not based on a specific true story, the film draws its context from real-life experiences. It showcases what challenges are faced by disabled people in everyday life as well as the victims of bullying. The challenges faced by hearing-impaired individuals are being studied to a great extent by the filmmaker. Through Shoko, he has tried to showcase every one of them.

Bullying seems fun and good for the one who is doing it but it can become a lifetime trauma for the victim. A bully has little to no realisation about the dreadful impact he leaves on the victim let alone ask for forgiveness for his mistakes. However, the movie shows how Shoyo realises his mistake and seeks forgiveness from Shoko. This movie also deals with themes of forgiveness, empathy and compassion. It urges its viewers to be sensible and empathetic towards physically challenged people.

Why Is A Silent Voice So Famous?

Through a fictional story and characters, the maker has rightfully been able to resonate with its viewers. Although the movie’s events may not have actually happened, the feelings and lessons it conveys are absolutely genuine, and they have a lasting effect on people who view it.

How Did A Silent Voice End?

The movie deals with Shoyo seeking redemption for how he has mistreated Shoko during his schooling years. Shoko had a bad dream about Shoyo and goes to the bridge where she thought she might find Shoyo. On the other hand, Shoyo was in the hospital and also felt that Shoko might be calling her. He rushes to the bridge as well. The ending shows Shoko and Shoyo sharing a heartfelt moment at the bridge and accepting and forgiving each other. Shoko apologizes for being selfish and trying to kill herself. Then Shoyo asks Shoko to help him live. Later it is shown that they both amend their relationships with their friends in school and the movie ends. Thus, A Silent Voice ends on a hopeful note. It shows how we should take accountability for our past mistakes, and try to learn from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tale was the inspiration for A Silent Voice?

It is based on Yoshitoki Ima’s manga, which he both wrote and drew. In November 2014. Plans for an animated film adaptation were first revealed; in November 2015, Kyoto Animation confirmed that the movie will be made.

2. Why is A Silent Voice so well-known?

The movie, which was directed by Naoko Yamada, was well received, in large part due to the way in which it handled difficult subjects including bullying, anxiety, and suicide. However, A Silent Voice also charmed its audience with stunning and successful animation.

3. A Silent Voice is suitable for 12-year-olds.

It is not advised for children under the age of 14 since it deals with complex and upsetting issues including bullying, suicide, and repentance.

4. What message does A Silent Voice convey?

A Silent Voice is a delicate movie that compassionately and intelligently addresses issues of mental health in young people, bullying, and handicap.

5. How was A Silent Voice resolved?

In a really moving sequence, the movie finishes with Shoya and his classmates participating in the school festival. At that time, Shoya reopens himself to the world after a long period of closure.

6. When will A Silent Voice 2 come out?

It has been five years since A Silent Voice was released. However, till now there haven’t been any talks about Part 2.

7. Is there any unpleasant scene in the silence?

Yes, to be honest, there are unpleasant scenes in the movie. Bullying is portrayed in the movie and that might be triggering for some. The deaf child, Shoko, endures verbal and physical abuse until her mother switches her to a different school. Kids abuse her, kick and beat her, and even repeatedly take her hearing aid out of her ear.

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