WBCHSE Class 9 Bengali Syllabus: Full Detailed Syllabus Category Wise!

The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) is a self-governing organization that manages secondary school examinations and policy development in West Bengal, India. It is in charge of holding the state higher secondary (10+2) examinations.

The higher secondary education system’s curriculum, syllabus, and evaluation procedures are all governed by standards and guidelines established by the WBCHSE. It works to maintain consistency in academic standards among affiliated schools and to ensure the quality of education.

For students, the Class 9th examination given by institutions connected to the WBCHSE is very important. It acts as a steppingstone leading up to the board exam for Class 10. The ninth-grade exam measures students’ comprehension of the core ideas in a variety of subjects in order to lay a solid foundation.

Students taking the West Bengal board’s Class 9th exams must be familiar with the exam format, course material, admit card requirements, and schedule. It is crucial that they are knowledgeable about the format of the test and the weights given to each subject. Students can visit the official website of WBCHSE for examination dates.

WBCHSE Class 9 Examination

The syllabus, directives, and grading scheme established by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) are followed in the West Bengal Board Class 9 examination, which is administered at the school level. According to the WBBSE guidelines, throughout the academic year, schools will administer formative (FA) and summative (SA) assessments for the 9th grade exams. The following are the main points of the examination:

  • Conducting Board: West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
  • Exam Level: State level
  • Frequency of Exam: Summative Assessments & Formative Assessments
  • Languages of the Exam: Bengali and English
  • Official Website: wbchse.wb.gov.in

These tests are an essential evaluation tool for Class 9 students, enabling them to show their understanding and development in accordance with the required curriculum. For additional details and updates regarding the test, students are advised to visit the WBBSE official website.

WBCHSE Class 9 Syllabus 2023

The WBCHSE Class 9 syllabus was carefully designed to make links between what is learned in the classroom and practical applications. It aims to encourage students’ creativity and innovation, giving them the tools, they need to solve problems efficiently and make wise decisions.

We’ve compiled subject-wise chapter information for WBCHSE Class 9 below to help students in their methodical study of the concepts. This will help students comprehend the curriculum’s organization and give them the skills necessary to successfully move through the subjects.

WBCHSE Class 9 Mathematics Syllabus 2023

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Real Numbers
2Theory of Indices
6Two Dimensional Graph
7Solution of Linear Simultaneous Equation
8Profit and Loss
9Different Properties of Parallelogram
10Theorems Regarding Intercepts and Mid-points with their Applications
11Theorems on Area
12Theorems of Concurrency
13Application of Pythagoras Theorem
15Formula of Distance between Points and its Applications
16Rectangle, Square and Triangle
17Perimeter and Area of Circle
18Frequency Distribution
19Graphs and Charts
20Theory of Sets
21Theory of Probability

WBCHSE Class 9 Life Science Syllabus 2023

Chapter No.Chapter Names
1Basic Properties of Life
2Biology is the Study of Patterns and Processes of Life and Its Diversity
3Classification of Diversity of Life
4Biomolecules and Their Behaviour
7Major Organs of Human Body and Their Functions
8Plant Physiology
13Immunity and Human Disease
14Microbes in Human Welfare in Our Everyday Life
15Ecology and Ecological Organisation
16Natural Resources and Its Sustainable Use

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WBCHSE Class 9 Physical Science Syllabus 2023

Chapter No.Chapter Names
2Force and Motion
3Matter: Structure and Properties
4Effect of Energy: Work, Power and Energy
7Atomic Structure
8Mole Concept
10Acids, Bases and Salts
11Separation of Components of Mixtures

WBCHSE Class 9 English Syllabus 2023

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Tales of Bhola Grandpa — Manoj Das
2Autumn — John Clare
3All about a dog — A.G Gardiner
4A Day in the Zoo —Gerald Durrell
5All summer in a Day —Ray Bradbury
6Mild the Mist upon the Hill —Emily Jane Bronte
7Tom Loses a Tooth —Mark Twain
8His first flight —Liam O’Flaherty
9The North Ship —Philip Larkin
10The Price of Bananas —Mulk Raj Anand
11A Shipwrecked Sailor —Daniel Defoe
12Hunting Snake —Judith Wright

WBCHSE Class 9 Exam Preparation tips

  • Setting Up the Study Area:

Students should make sure they have a designated study space before they start studying for their exams. It ought to have space for their textbooks, notes, and significant test papers. In order to maintain focus, it is imperative to eliminate nearby distractions.

  • Making Use of Visual Aids:

Flowcharts and diagrams are useful study tools. These visual representations aid in improving concept retention over time. These resources should be used by students in their study habits to improve comprehension and memory.

  • Solving Exam Papers from the Previous Year:

Solving exam papers from prior years is a useful exercise for determining one’s level of preparation. This exercise helps students become familiar with the expected level of difficulty and offers insight into the exam format and question types.

  • Breaking Up the schedule in breaks:

It’s important to take regular breaks while studying to refresh the mind. Short breaks between study sessions promote improved focus and memory. In order to maintain a productive study routine, students should incorporate brief breaks to unwind and recharge.

  • Mock Exams for Monitoring Progress:

Students are advised to take as many practice exams as they can in order to assess their progress and pinpoint areas that need improvement. enabling students to evaluate their performance and adjust their preparation as necessary.

  • Rest and nutrition:

Students must prioritize getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet while studying for exams. Students who get enough sleep and eat well are better able to concentrate and think critically, which improves their overall health and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are West Bengal Board Class 9 exams conducted at the school level?

Yes, the West Bengal Board Class 9 exams are conducted at the school level by the school administration.

2. How many sections are there in WBBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus?

The WBBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus consists of four units: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Statistics and Probability.

3. How many subjects are there in West Bengal Board Class 9?

West Bengal Board Class 9 comprises seven subjects: First Language, Second Language, Mathematics, Science and Environment, Geography and Environment, History and Environment, and Health and Physical Education.

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