The Fate of Eugene in Wednesday: Fans Wonder if the Beloved Character Will Meet a Tragic Death

There have been a lot of thriller shows that have come and gone. But some have created such an impact that many have forgotten the previous ones. The stories only create magic when their plot and storyline are a hit. We recently did get one such show that has turned all heads in its direction. Yeah, you guessed it right! Its Wednesday! The show is one of the most favorite on Netflix with an incredible rating.

Wednesday, ah what a great show. The show was a huge success as soon as it premiered. In just a few weeks it has millions of audience waiting for another season. the show makers already told that there is another season in the making too!

The show is just a masterpiece on its own. I mean, Addams Family was a major hit and combining that and continuing the little Wednesdays story, what an idea! The plot, the paintings, the monster, everything just made sense in this epic battle of a show.

However, there have been a lot of questions in the minds of the audience. Since it has been a while, let us jog up our memories and remember how things actually went down. The question we are talking about today is if Eugene died on Wednesday.

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Does Eugene Die In Wednesday?

Does Eugene Die In Wednesday?

Wednesday is a 2022 release thriller adventure series that transformed the genre and held all the audience towards it for months. The story revolves around Wednesday’s stay at Nevermore Academy. She has been sent here after years of rejection from other schools.

Nevermore seems to suit her really well. The place is filled with thrilling places and a lot of mystery. The therapist she is being sent to looks like a mystery herself. With all this going on, Wednesday does not seem to find anybody trustable. Enid and she are on a rough patch but they are becoming friends.

However, Eugene seems to be pretty sure that Xvier is behind all these monster attacks and he seems really convincing. But finally, we all seem to discover who Eugene truly is when he still loves her as a dear friend after the attack. Thanks to Wednesday’s powers, she could see what he truly is but yeah, that was one hell of a ride for Wednesday.

But as we finally see, Eugene does not actually die in season 1 of Wednesday. He is attacked by the monster and he is in a coma. We see him in the hospital in a very different condition. To answer the question precisely, no Eugene does not die.

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What Happened in Season 1 Of Wednesday?

Does Eugene Die In Wednesday?

Wednesday is an awesome series about the life of Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. She has faced a lot of difficulties in school and thus she has been sent to Nevermore. They say that she fits there but it does take time for her to adapt to the environment there.

She has been desperately trying to escape and she has had her share of troubles there too. She finds Xavier a bit peculiar and her scene with him drives Bonnie a little bit irritated. So, Bonnie tries to divert Wednesday’s attention away from him.

While all this is happening, Wednesday tags along Enid and Eugene to go hunting the criminal behind all these killings. She finally finds light when she sees the sketches made by Xavier and Eugene also helps her find him. Even after all this, Xavier tries to help her put. After she finally gets to know the truth, she tries to stop it.

So when we get the next season, it surely will revolve around another peculiar mystery that Wednesday and Thing would love to solve together!

Stay tuned for more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wednesday

1. Who is the love interest of Wednesday in Season 1?

Xavier and Wednesday seem to be hitting it off a little but she was with the coffee boy.

2. Who is Eugene?

Eugene is a very lovable character who is a schoolmate to Wednesday and also the founder of the Bee Club.

3. Which school does Wednesday go to?

She goes to Nevermore Academy.

4. Who are Wednesday’s parents?

Morticia Gomez and Gomez Addams are Wednesdays parents.

5. Who is Wednesday’s partner?

Thing is Wednesday’s partner who has been a part of her family for years.

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