Malika Andrews Boyfriend: Who Is The Actress Dating?

Malika Andrews is an American sweetheart. She is known for her many projects and her popularity is based on all her works. She is currently an American sports writer. She’s a journalist at ESPN right now and many of us read her columns regularly.

She has been a writer for years like she started it off in 2018 with ESPN. She debuted her career as a reporter in 2020. She became the youngest sideline reporter of ESPN during the NBA Bubble as well! She surely has achieved a lot at a very young age and is a really sweet person. Being one of the most influential writers, she was also featured on Forbes! Yes! She was featured in 30 under 30, in the year of 2021. She has been such a good writer and reporter and has gained a lot of readers and fans from all over the world. Her viewer base has grown significantly and many people love her for the way she is.

People have been asking for some time about her relationship status. There have been a lot of rumours about her being engaged as well. So, is all that true? Has she hidden a lot of details from the public? Well, read further to know the answers!

Malaika Andrews Boyfriend

Malika Andrews Boyfriend

Malika Andrews has been a very famous person for years now. She has turned many heads in her direction from the work she has been doing over the years. She is a great writer and also a very good reporter. She’s especially known for her columns, and details about NBA.

After years, the audience is all curious about her dating life. I mean, the reporter has been keeping things private for a while but I think the audience knows what is happening finally! There have been a lot of rumours about her dating, Dave McMenamin, for a while now. These rumours started spreading a while ago and as of 2023, many feel like this is actually true!

Malika has chosen to keep her personal life private and does not share many details usually. But, the audience has heard from sources that she is with Dave! And also, there have been a lot of rumours about them being engaged as well.

Malika Andrews Boyfriend

Being a journalist, she surely has stepped out of the boundaries put by society and its myths. Journalists usually refrain from dating due to their profession and other reasons. Malika Andrews has not only taken her own bold step, but she has gained a lot of love from the audience. The rumours and talks about the couple are grossing and trending on Twitter right now while many are responding to this too.

Dave McMenamin is also an NBA reporter who started this job in 2009. Her has done a lot of work as a writer about the Lakers and Cavaliers as well. Yes, we are all loving fans of the Lakers and we know how much we love Dave for the work he has done! Thus, she has surely chosen her dear pick who is not only of the same profession but mostly shares the same interests!

Neither of them has said anything about this publicly but things might go viral soon when both of them decide to make an announcement, hopefully! Both of them have not posted anything on Instagram or even hinted things much, but they do follow each other’s Instagram handles

So, if there is something we need to know, we might find out soon. If the couple are just dating, things might be as they are now and we will just have to keep guessing. But if they are truly getting engaged, we will surely get a post or something related to it.

So, until next time, Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Malika Andrews

1. What is Malika Andrews profession?

Malika Andrews is a writer, columnist and also a reporter for ESPN.

2. Who is Malika Andrews dating?

Malika Andrews has been rumoured to be dating Dave McMenamin.

3. Who is Malika Andrews ex?

Malika was previously in a relationship with Richard Jeffers, or at least so did the headlines say.

4. Are Malika Andrews and Dave engaged?

There are a lot of rumours but we do not know anything for sure.

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