Arrow Season 9 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

There’s always been this huge war between Marvel Vs. DC. People have always chosen one and there are others who could not be biased to just choose one. The franchises are just fantastic and marvelous. While Hulk roars in Marvel, we have the crazy Batman in DC. There have been a lot of mainstream Marvel movies, but there have been diversions from the main story too. Just like that, there has been a lot of series that are based on the original character but stand differently and also are loved by the audience.

The one in the discussion today is derived from DC. Green Arrow is a very loved character from the franchise and the show Arrow is based on the same. The series is an action-adventure with a superhero figure making it more interesting. People have obsessed with Arrow for many seasons and have loved it. The story is based on Starling City! It brings out the story of Oliver Queen and his return. The show shows how the rumored boy who has been dead for five years comes back and brings out his new abilities to fight crime!

The series is due at 8 seasons and another one is being talked about. Will the 9th season arrive soon? Read further to know more!

Arrow Season 9 Release Date

Arrow Season 9 Release Date

Arrow is a beloved show and has had a lot of episodes that have been loved by the audience. After eight seasons, the show has been going quite strong with a good viewer base. However, things are getting a little different regarding the show. The show first premiered in 2012 being the child of Greg Berlanti, Marc and Kreisberg Andrew. The show has had a very successful run and its first season received a quite number of good ratings.

Going the pace it is right now, the show has had a lot of Awards and nominations too! Inspired by Inspired by this one, a lot of series came out from the franchises too! Popularly known as the Arrowverse, the show gave birth to others like Batwoman, Flash, etc.

The eighth season of Arrow concluded in the year 2020 and ever since then, there have not been any updates about its arrival. And here’s something to note down. The CW is where one can watch Arrow along with Netflix. Also, The CW has told us that the show has concluded in the eighth season and there will not be any seasons further than this. 

Thus, for those who were waiting to watch the other seasons, sorry to disappoint you but Arrow has been cancelled and the show has finished its run at 8 seasons. However, there have been a lot of requests to bring back the show over the years. The producers Greg and Marc have also spoken saying that it was a tough decision but it was to be made.

Being one of the most interesting shows, it gave birth and ideas to many other shows that followed its path. The writers, characters, cast and everybody else have done a wonderful job and have brought this mighty tale to an end. 

The audience also did not receive the news well. There have been a lot of sad posts on Instagram, Twitter and on other platforms. Many Arrow fans have taken their sadness to another level. Save Arrow was a petition created to bring back the show from cancellation.

But the final episode of the show hinted at the arrival of another spinoff show. Green Arrow and the Canaries would be the title and starring one of the best actors as well. So even though the show is officially cancelled, we can still keep some hope for the spin-off to come.

Until next time, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Arrow

1. When did season one of Arrow release?

The first season was released in 2012, October.

2. How many seasons are there in Arrow?

Arrow consists of eight seasons in total.

3. When will season nine of Arrow release?

The show has been cancelled and no seasons will come further.

4. Will there be a spinoff of Arrow?

The final episode hinted so, thus there’s no harm in expecting the makers to come up with it.

5. Was Arrow cancelled?

Yes, Arrow has been officially cancelled by The CW.

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