Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Revealed Here!

Moment Of Eighteen is a Korean drama originally titled Yeolyeodeolui Soongan in Korean and At Eighteen in English. The drama is also known as 18 Moments or A Moment At Eighteen and the translation to its literal meaning is Moment Of Eighteen. It was released on the South Korean network channel, Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company, or JTBC, from 22nd July 2019 till 10th September 2019. 

Moment Of Eighteen has been written by Yoon Kyung-ah, directed by Shim Na-yeon, and produced by Drama House and KeyEast with Park Jun-Seo, Park Sung-hye, and Oh Hwan-min. The drama consists of 16 episodes of about 70 minutes each. It received a rating of 7.5 from IMDb, 8 from MyDramaList, and 9.4 from Rakuten Viki. Fans have loved the drama and are curious to know whether Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 might come soon.

Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Release Date

Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Moment Of Eighteen was a huge hit and received positive reviews. However, the showrunners and the production companies have made no official statements regarding the renewal or cancellation of a second season. The first part has wrapped up the story properly, and all characters have completed their arcs. This makes the audience think the chances are lower for a second season. As of now, the Moment Of Eighteen season 2 release date is unknown.

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Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Story

The plot revolves around three main characters: Choi Joon-woo, Yoo Soo-bin, and Ma Hwi-young. Joon-woo is a new student who gets transferred to Cheonbong High School from his previous school on account of crimes he never committed. He arrives at his new school as a loner and stays aloof all the time. However, beneath his rough exterior is a soft person who does not know how to express his emotions. 

Another rich and influential student, Ma Hwi-young tries to befriend Joon-woo, but he rejects him. In reality, the grandeur of Hwi-young intimidated Joon-woo, and he pulled back because he felt scared. Hwi-young did not take these rejections well, and when a rumor circulated accusing Joon-woo of stealing a watch, he spread it further. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Soo-bin, the top student in the class, slowly starts falling for Joon-woo and sees past his tough and emotionless nature. Even though she is the crush of Hwi-yeong, Soo-bin cannot control her love for Joon-woo. This drama becomes a love triangle with other aspects that make it more interesting. The abuse that Hwi-young faces at home from his abusive father, Soo-bin’s life being controlled by her mother, and Joon-woo’s past trauma are other significant arcs that became one reason for success.

Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Cast

Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Release Date

Ong Seong-wu makes his debut appearance as Choi Joon-woo, the loner student. Kim Hyang-gi as Yoo Soo-bin and Shin Seung-ho as Ma Hwi-young were brilliant as the lead actors. The character Oh Han-Kyeol, the temporary homeroom teacher played by Kang Ki-young, deserves much praise. 

Other supporting actors like Lee Seung-min as Lee Ki-tae, Moonbin as Jung Oh-je, Kim Do-wan as Cho Sang-hoon, Yoon In-soo as Yoo Pil-sang, and Shin Ki-joon as Ha Shim-bok were all students at Cheongbong High School and played the roles of what happens in modern-day high school perfectly. 

Shim Yi-young as Lee Yeon-woo, Joon-woo’s mother, Choi Jae-Woong as Choi Myeong-joon, Joon-woo’s father, Kim Sun-young as Yoon Song-hee, Soo-bin’s mother, Lee Hae-young as Yoo Jong-soo, Soo-bin’s father, Jung Young-joo as Park Geum-ja, Hwi-young’s mother and Sung Ki-Yoon as Ma Yoon-gi, Hwi-young’s father, brought the characters to life.

Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Trailer

As of 2023, there has been no official confirmation about the renewal or cancellation of Moment Of Eighteen season 2, and thus, there are no available trailers. The trailers for the first season are available online on different websites, including YouTube and Rakuten Viki.

Where Can You Watch Moment Of Eighteen Season 2 Online?

Moment Of Eighteen season one, is available on Netflix with a prior subscription. You can always watch it on Rakuten Viki for free. Moment Of Eighteen season 2 has not started filming and has not released an episode.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a Moment Of Eighteen season 2?

Moment Of Eighteen season 2 has not been renewed yet.

2. Is it available on Amazon Prime Video?

The drama is available on Netflix, Rakuten Viki, and WeTV.

3. Is Joon-woo evil?

Joon-woo is a misunderstood character who is not evil.

4. Is Moment Of Eighteen worth a watch?

This series is a beautiful coming-of-age drama that will warm your heart.

5. Are the ratings good for this drama?

The reviews and ratings are excellent and have surpassed expectations.

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