Is Gold Brick Based On A True Story?

Gold Brick, originally titled Cash, is a French comedy-drama film released on Netflix. Gold Brick is one of the best films on Netflix in 2023. Many people are fans of dark comedies if you are one of them, this is the best film. 

The Jereme Rozan-directed film revolves around Daniel Sauveur and his journey from rags to riches in the fragrance industry. Gold Brick is the debut film of Jereme Rozan as a writer. He poured his heart out in the writing. He shows the rivalry between economic classes people.

The story of Gold Brick is relatable to many people, leaving them wondering if the film is based on a true story. Here is everything that we know about the film Gold Brick.

Is Gold Brick Based On A True Story?

Unfortunately, Jereme Rozan is the writer of the movie Gold Brick, and it is not a true story. The film might look like actual events because there are many perfume robberies in France. 

Gold Brick is a fictional work of Jereme and has no existent events involved. The entire film revolves around a luxury company, Breuil & Sons. It clearly shows us how generational wealth can differentiate between classes of people. 

In the film, Breuil & Sons are the most powerful and wealthy family in the town. In 2013, there were many articles about robberies that took place in France. Robbers stole costly perfumes from the delivery boxes and more. All the expensive perfumes appeared on the black market during the holidays. 

These incidents made many believe that Gold Brick was an inspiration from an actual event. Cash, AKA Gold Brick, has no basis for factual events or people. Gold Brick is a complete fictional entertainment story released on Netflix. 

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Gold Brick Movie Plot:

The comedy crime drama follows the protagonist, Daniel Sauveur. Daniel lives somewhere in Charteres and belongs to a low-income family. He grew up detesting a famous company called Breuil & Sons. He struggles a lot to become a successful worker but ends up working in the warehouse of Breuil & Sons. 

Daniel plans an act of revenge on the company and starts stealing luxurious products from the warehouse and selling them to the black market. He doesn’t stop with that, and he keeps stealing more, which increases the risk for him. This movie clearly shows how a low-income family struggles to meet their ends.  

Gold Brick Movie Cast:

Meet the incredible cast of the comedy crime drama Gold Brick:

  • Raphel Quenard as Daniel Sauveur
  • Igor Gotesman as Scania
  • Agathe Rousselle as Virgine
  • Antoine Gouy as Patrick Breuil
  • Ninna Meurisse as Beatrice Breuil
  • Gregoire Colin as Brice Nougarolis
  • Youssef Hajdi as Ange
  • Walid Ben Mabrouk, as Yoni

The excellent acting of all these actors made the movie more interesting to watch. 

Gold Brick Movie Ratings and Reviews:

Is Gold Brick Based On A True Story?

Gold Brick is a very unpredictable story. The performances of all the cast in the film are mesmerizing. The movie’s story is simple but still keeps you hooked to the screen. Many non-action scenes can make you breathless. The plot twists of the film are mind-blowing. 

Like other films, Gold Brick also has some flaws, like giving little screen time to some noteworthy characters, visual effects, and more. Even with all the flaws, the movie manages to entertain the audience. Gold Brick is a good movie and worth your time.

The IMDB rating of the film is 6/10, and rotten tomatoes are 75%. Gold Brick is a must-watch film on Netflix. It also received positive responses from the critics.

Where Can You Watch Gold Brick?

Gold Brick is now streaming on Netflix. Get a subscription to Netflix to watch the incredible comedy crime drama. If you already have a subscription, don’t forget to add it to the watch list.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I watch Gold Brick?

Gold Brick is now streaming on Netflix.

2. Who is the writer and director of Gold Brick?

Jereme Rozan is the director and writer of the film.

3. What are the IMDB ratings of Gold Brick?

The IMDB rating of the film is 6/10.

4. Is Gold Brick based on a true story?

Unfortunately, Jereme Rozan is the writer of the movie Gold Brick, and it is not a true story.

5. Is Gold Brick worth watching?

It received good ratings and critic’s positive responses. So, yes Gold Brick is worth watching. 

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