Wakfu Season 4 Release Date: Are Fans Ready For Another Hit?

We have only heard of anime which is from Japan, ever heard of French anime? Wakfu is an anime made in France based on a video game called Dofus.

Dofus is a French multiplayer role-playing game. There is also a spin-off of the anime known as Mini-Wakfu and like the title of the anime, the characters of Wakfu are in chibi style.

The anime is created by Anthony Roux and is produced by Ankama Animation. The response of the audience toward Wakfu was positive, the anime was praised for its character and visuals though the show is not kid friendly.

So far, Wakfu has three seasons to its name, and now fans are excited for Wakfu Season 4. Let’s see what information so far we have gathered regarding the fourth season of the anime.

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

The Wakfu Season 1 was released on 30 October 2008 with twenty-six episodes and the second season was released on 26 February 2011 with twenty-six episodes.

Wakfu Season 3 was released on 2 September 2017 with thirteen episodes. In 2020 it was announced by the production team of Wakfu that Season 4 is going to be the last season of the anime.

They have started working on anime and expected to finish it by November 2023 but nothing is sure. We can expect Wakfu Season 4 in 2024.

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Wakfu Plot

Wakfu plot is a mixture of many genres, the plot explores the genre like fantasy, adventure, action, and comedy. It is the story of Yugo, a twelve-year-old boy.

Yugo is an adopted son of a Mayor of the little village, he was raised under the watchful eye of Nox, the antagonist of the anime, and his minions.

Yugo learns that he can create a portal with his mystical power called Wakfu. As he grows he set out on a journey to find out about his real parents.

On his journey, Yugo met with many weird characters who decided to follow him, hence forming a mismatched group.

What Will Be The Expected Plot Of Wakfu Season 4?

We have got many hints and clues about Wakfu Season 4 from the production team. The Wakfu fourth season will be the continuation of where the third season ended instead of starting the upcoming season with a new story.

Though we will have a new antagonist to give the anime a fresh narrative, we can say goodbye to the previous villain Nox and Qilby.

There can be a fifth season or new series as Wakfu Season 4 will also serve as the connecting bridge between the new game called Waven.

The overall tone of the fourth season will be happy as they wanted to give Wakfu an ending that will be memorable so that fans will keep Wakfu in their heart forever.

Meet The Cast Of Wakfu

The anime, Wakfu, has many characters so it will be hard to cover all of them. That’s why we will be focusing on the main characters only.

First, we have, Yugo who is voiced by Fanny Bloc. He is a 12-year-old Eliatrope who has the magical power to open portals and is on a journey to find his real family.

Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm is voiced by Adeline Chetail, she is a 13-year-old adventurous princess who has the magical power to control plants. She is loyal to her friends and is helping Yugo to find his real parents.

Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove is voiced by Thomas Guitard, he is a 13-year-old knight and a strong fighter. He is given the responsibility of the demon sword Rubilax and is loyal to Yugo.

Geneviève Doang voices Evangelyne and she is the bodyguard of Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm.

The main antagonist in the first season is Nox. Nox is voiced by Benjamine Pascal and had a twisted motive.

The main antagonist in the second season is Qilby. Qilby is voiced by Erik Colin, he is an older eliatrope and was once a member of Council Six.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rating of Wakfu?

The IMDb rating of the show is 8.2/10.

2. Where can you watch the anime?

Wakfu is available on Netflix for streaming.

3. Will there be Wakfu Season 4?

Yes, there will be Wakfu Season 4.

4. How many episodes are in Wakfu?

There are a total of sixty-five episodes in Wakfu.

5. Who will Amalia marry in Wakfu?

Count Harebourg of Frigost

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