Inheritance Movie Explained: Unravelling The Mystery Of The Chained Man

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Inheritance? The most common things that pop into our heads are conflicts, secrets, and mysteries. Money can make your life and destroy your life at the same time. Film Inheritance covers all these features and creates a thrilling plot.  

The 2020 film Inheritance is about how a girl’s life changes after her father leaves a puzzle behind for her to solve after his death. When the daughter tries to solve the riddle, she finds a strange man chained in a bunker for 30 years. Who is the odd man? Why was he chained? Was her father an evil man? Here is the answer to all your questions.

Inheritance Movie Explained

The film introduces us to a district attorney, Lauren Monroe. She is a great attorney with a beautiful life. One day, she finds out that her father, Archer Monroe, is dead. Archer has cut off Lauren from his fortune but has left a secret inheritance. 

Archer leaves a video message for Lauren stating that he has a secret bunker in the garden. When she opens the bunker’s door, her life is completely changed. 

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Introducing The Monroes:

Archer Monroe is the head of the pristine family. The Monroes are good-looking, wealthy, and well-connected people. Lauren Monroe is the daughter of Archer, and there is a rift between the father and daughter because of her profession.

Soon, we realize that they build their wealth on dirty secrets. When Lauren finds the chained man, Morgan Warner, he confuses Lauren with more mysteries. Archer Monroe also has a secret family, and 30 years back, he accidentally killed a man and buried his body in the woods.  

Now, the mission of Lauren is to handle Morgan without getting dirt on her family. She chooses her family over her ethical duty. 

Why Did Archer Tell Lauren About The Bunker?

Inheritance movie explained

One common question that comes into everyone’s mind about inheritance movie is Why did Archer tell Lauren about The Bunker? The truth about Carson might have died with Archer if he didn’t reveal about the bunker.

The reason why he told his daughter about Carson was because of his guilt in killing Morgan. He didn’t want to slaughter another man, so he decided to tell about Carson. 

Another reason is Archer believed Lauren was Carson’s daughter and not his. We never got the answer if Lauren was his daughter or not. 

Who Is The Guy Chained Up In Inheritance?

When Lauren opens the bunker, she meets a man, Morgan Warner. Morgan Warner manipulates Lauren to set him free. After many sequences, we find that Morgan’s real name is Carson, who raped Archer’s wife 30 years ago.

Archer didn’t file a police case against him but decided to bury him alive in the bunker. Archer accidentally kills a man, and Carson helps him to bury the body in the woods. The man who died in the hands of Archer was the actual Morgan. 

Carson thought Archer would let him go if he helped him hide Morgan’s body, but Archer chained and imprisoned him for three decades. 

How Did Archer Die in Inheritance?

At the movie’s beginning, Lauren says that Archer died in an accident, but some flashes prove that something was more to his death. Every time Archer went into the bunker, he tried to poison Carson but came out with a change of heart.  

Carson managed to get his hand on these poisons and created a lethal dose. One day, while Archer is playing chess with Carson, he injects the poison dose into Archer’s body. Archer gets out of the bunker and tries to seek help, but it is too late.  

Is Carson Lauren’s Biological Father?

In the end of Inheritance movie, Carson reveals that he is Lauren’s biological father, which might be true because Archer also believed the same. When Lauren confronts her mother, she says that she is a Monroe, implying that she is Archer’s daughter. There was no proper answer to this question, but the way she sticks up with her family, she is a real Monroe.

What Happened At The End Of Inheritance?

Carson manages to manipulate Lauren by setting him free. Lauren offers $1 million and a free plane ride to an island to Carson. Carson still wants revenge and wants Lauren and Catherine to suffer like him. 

Carson decides to kill Lauren’s brother William and spare Lauren’s husband and kid. All his plans go in vain when Catherine shoots him after he confesses that he is Lauren’s father. 

Mother and daughter together burn the bunker with Carson’s body in it. By the end of the movie, Lauren abandons all her ethical values and hides all his father’s deeds. She proves that she is a Monroe’s Blood. The end of Inheritance movie leaves us with many questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I watch Inheritance?

Inheritance is streaming on Netflix.

2. Who is the villain in Inheritance?

Carson is the villain in Inheritance.

3. Who plays the role of Lauren?

Lilly Collins plays the role of Lauren.

4. Who is in the bunker in the film Inheritance?

Carson is in the bunker. 

5. Who did Archer Monroe killed?

Archer Monroe killed Morgan Warner. 

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