Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 Release Date: What Lies In Wait For Russel After These Tests?

How many sons and daughters have we seen trying to gain back their family’s lost reputation? Innumerable, right? We have seen so many shows and movies where one arc is based on a character doing everything in its power to bring back what the family lost. 

Dragon-Devouring Mage explores this subject with its main character, Russel Raymond, trying hard to soar up high. Dragon-Devouring Mage has been written by Il Hwang and 일황, and focuses on the genres of action, fantasy, supernatural, and harem. 

It started releasing in 2021, and Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20 was recently published on the Kakao Page and Story Tunes. The last chapter has left the readers with a lot of questions about Russel’s journey after he gave the tests. Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 release date is now one of the most-searched on the internet.

Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 Release Date

Fortunately, fans will not have to wait for a long time for Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 to be available to read online. The Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 release date has been set for Friday, 18th August 2023, in Korea, India, Canada, the USA, and Japan, among others.

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Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 Plot

Dragon-Devouring Mage is about Russel Raymond, a cursed third-rate mage. He wanted to regain his family’s lost societal position and reputation but was expelled from his academy. One day the memento ring that his mother had given him reacted, and he was presented with an opportunity to fix things.

The plot of Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 has not yet been released to the public. However, we may guess a few things after the end of Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20. We know Russel got the top scores during his first round of the selection process.

But he did not go for the second round because of the discovery. Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 can show us if he sits for the second test. We also know the future has been altered. But, with these changes, we do not know what lies in wait for Russel Raymond.

Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20 Recap

In Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20, we saw Russel successfully passing his interview test with flying colors. However, he was not satisfied with his score and thought of doing better next time. Russel also expressed his gratitude towards the Head Maid and the Tower Master and hoped they would reach their homes safely. 

He added that he would be returning soon and would be the head. Till then, the property should be clean and well-managed. The Head Maid said she wanted to serve him, and the Tower Master was worried that Russel did not have a carriage. He also had a letter for Hubert and requested that Russell pass it over to him. 

Russel reached his professor’s house only to be told that he could not help. However, he gave him some fruitful advice to ace his exams. Russel sat for his first round of the selection process and thought the test was quite easy. It could be because he had attempted to pass this test a lot of times in his previous life but was never successful. 

His score took everyone by surprise, causing jealousy and envy since he got the top-most score. Meanwhile, Russel’s main concern was to stop the death of the professor. The second round began soon after, and he decided to go against it. Russel could see the proof in front of him. Ulsen was on the panel as a judge, and he did not remember him being one in his previous life. This means the future has changed.

Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 Characters

Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 will have Russel Raymond as the protagonist. We can also see Hubert and Ulsen.

Where Can You Read Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 Online?

All chapters of Dragon-Devouring Mage are released on Kakao. Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 will be available there. Many sites offer pirated versions of the manhwa, but they are not trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 release date?

The Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 21 release date is set for Friday, 18th August 2023, for all regions.

2. Where can I read Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20 online?

You can read Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20 on the Kakao page.

3. Does Russel pass in Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20?

Russel got the highest marks in the first round of Dragon-Devouring Mage Chapter 20, but he did not sit for the second one.

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