Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 Release Date: Is Banjo Taiga Able To Escape From The Clutches Of Shiraishi Kijuro? 

Imagine being born in the era of the Yakuza and being trained as an expert killer! It is as scary as it is exciting. And, Banjo Taiga knows exactly how this life works. But, it changes one day when his workplace is turned into a school and he is appointed as the cleaner with all illegal activities, especially killing, taking a halt. Or did it? 

Yakuza Cleaner is a shounen manga written by MIKAWA Gosuto, illustrated by Yasunori, and is being published by Hyke Comic from 2022. Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 39 was released recently and has left the readers with a cliffhanger. Needless to say, all eyes are now on the Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 release date.

Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 Release Date

It seems that the readers of this manhwa do not have to wait long for Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40. The Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 release date has been set for Tuesday, 15th August 2023 for places like Japan, Korea, and Australia. For regions like India, the Philippines, the USA, and the UK, the release date is Monday, 14th August 2023.

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Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 Plot

Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 will start from where Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 39 left the readers. Even though the details of the plot of Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 is unknown, we may guess a few things from the previous events. 

It remains to be seen whether Akutagawa rescues Banjo as well, or whether something else has happened there. We know Shiraishi stopped his men from killing Banjo to use him as a chip against Yamada. If he succeeds in convincing Banjo to become a traitor, the plot may turn different. 

Or we may see Banjo and Akutagawa teaming up to defeat the antagonist. We can also see more of Akutagawa and his past. It is already known to us that he witnessed Shiraishi murdering his father because of which he led a rough and tough life. His revenge is pending and he might get that in Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40.

Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 39 Recap

In Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 39, we saw Banjo trying to save Anna from Shiraishi, her father. However, in the process, he is held captive by Shiraishi and his men. They tie him up in a chair inside a big circular room and physically torture him all the while threatening to end his life. 

Shiraishi tells him the process of collecting Yakuza garbage and how Banjo falls under the same category. Banjo remains unflinching and tells Shiraishi he will regret keeping him alive, who in turn laughs because he does not want to dirty his new office by killing him. When Banjo asks about Anna, her father replies she is currently undergoing punishment for being a rebel, and he should be concerned about his life. 

He intends to kill him, but not before torturing him more. Banjo remains sure of himself and says he has been trained to endure this kind of torture. Hearing this, Shiraishi stops his men from killing him and thinks he can use him to destroy Yamada. 

Meanwhile, Akutagawa and Dazai rescue Anna and get angry at seeing the injuries inflicted upon her. When they ask her about Banjo, she fearfully replies he may have been killed off by her father. Akutagawa goes towards their direction citing the presence of Shiraishi as the reason.

Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 Characters

The characters we may see in Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 are Banjo Taiga, the main protagonist, and Shiraishi Kijuro, the villain. We will also see Akutagawa and Dazai. Anna can also be there since she was being tortured as well by her father. Yamada can make an appearance.

Where Can You Read Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 Online?

All chapters of Yakuza Cleaner are released on Hyke Comics in the raw format. Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 will be available on the same site after it releases on 15th August 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When has the Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 release date been set for?

The Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 release date has been set for Tuesday, 15th August 2023, JST, KST, ACST, and others. 

2. Is there any online site to read Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40?

Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 40 is yet to be released and will be available on Hyke Comics in the raw format on Tuesday, 15th August 2023.

3. Who saved Anna in Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 39?

In Yakuza Cleaner Chapter 39, after Anna’s father kept her captive, she was rescued by Akutagawa and Dazai.

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