Darker Than Black Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

We have seen shows where the protagonists are heroes and save the world. Darker Than Black is an anime series where the protagonists are the villains. Or are they? Darker Than Black has been directed and created by Tensai Okamura and written by him and Shōtaro Suga. Madman Entertainment and Funimation along with Manga Entertainment co-produced this series. 

The original airing date of Darker Than Black season one was on 6th April 2007 which ended with the 26th episode on 26th March 2008. The official English airing date was on 16th June 2010. A second season or a sequel of Darker Than Black titled ‘Darker Than Black: Gemini Of The Meteor’ released the 27th episode on 9th October 2009 and concluded with the 38th episode on 25th December 2009. The official airing date for this anime sequel was on 6th August 2010. 

Darker Than Black received a rating of 8.1 from MyAnimeList, 7.7 from IMDb, and 4.8/5 from Crunchyroll. The first season was well-received by the audience, but season two could not live up to the expectations. That being said, some fans still want to see Darker Than Black Season 3.

Darker Than Black Season 3 Release Date

Fans may never get to see Darker Than Black Season 3. The second season did not fare well and got a negative spotlight. The amount of hate is one of the reasons for Funimation to take back their streaming rights. The ending is also another reason since there is no particular cliffhanger that can continue the story. 

Even if the creators adapted from the Jet Black Flower manga, the plot would not add up. Even though this anime was never canceled officially, it can be safe to say that there will not be a third installation. As of June 2023, the Darker Than Black Season 3 release date is unknown.

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Darker Than Black Season 3 Story

The plot of Darker Than Black follows Hei, a Chinese man who works for the Syndicate. The Syndicate is a secret powerful organization that came into existence after Heaven’s War. The Heaven’s War was a result of the appearance of Heaven’s Gates in South America and Hell’s Gates in Tokyo. The Contractors also appeared around the same time. 

These Contractors are the protagonists, people with supernatural abilities who are hired by influential groups. Hei is one such Contractor who fought in Heaven’s War to find his sister Bai, the one with the original supernatural powers. Bai transferred her powers to Hei before disappearing which made him doubtful of Amber, the head of the Primrose group. 

This group has been targeted by the Syndicate since they believe the Contractors there have gone rogue. Hei lives his life under the identity of Li Shenshun and is helped by Yin, Mao, and Huang. The Syndicate wanted to finish off all Contractors by using the Saturn Ring and the Pandora group. 

However, Amber saves Hei who escapes wanting to be reunited with his sister after he saw a vision. Darker Than Black season two follows Suo Pavlichenko who survived a meteor shower and Hei who is still running from the Syndicate and searching for Yin. 

Darker Than Black Season 3 Characters

The voice of Hei is by Hidenobu Kiuchi and Jason Leibrecht; the voice of Yin is by Misato Fukuen and Brina Palencia; the voice of Huang is by Masaru Ikeda and John Swasey; the voice of Mao is by Ikuya Sawaki and Kent Williams; the voice of Suo Pavlichenko is by Kana Hanazawa and Alison Viktorin; and the voice of Shion Pavlichenko is by Hōko Kuwashima and Lindsay Seidel. 

Megumi Nasu and Cherami Leigh gave their voices to Mai Kashiwagi; Nana Mizuki and Kate Oxley gave their voices to Misaki Kirihara; Shinichiro Miki and Chuck Huber gave their voices to Eric Nishijima; Shigeru Nakahara and Eric Vale gave their voices to Nick Hillman; and Kaho Kōda and Jennifer Green gave their voices to Madame Oreille. 

Darker Than Black Season 3 Trailer

Darker Than Black season 3 was never renewed and has no trailer for the same. The previous seasons have their trailers uploaded online. 

Where Can You Watch Darker Than Black Season 3 Online?

Darker Than Black season 3 has no episodes. The previous seasons were shown on JNN, a local Japanese network. Additionally, the episodes are also available on Amazon Prime Video and Crunchyroll. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Darker Than Black Season 3 been renewed?

Darker Than Black Season 3 has neither been renewed nor canceled.

2. Is Darker Than Black available on Netflix?

Darker Than Black is not available on Netflix.

3. Is the anime worth watching?

The first season of Darker Than Black was a hit, but the second season was a flop.

4. How many episodes does Darker Than Black Season 3 have?

Darker Than Black Season 3 has not been renewed.

5. Is the Syndicate evil?

The Syndicate can be considered the antagonist of Darker Than Black.

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