Angel Beats Season 2 Release Date: Has The Anime Been Canceled For Real?

Angel Beats is an original anime and was never adapted from any Japanese manga or light novel series. It was created by Jun Maeda and is based on action and fantasy. The anime Angel Beats has been directed by Seiji Kishi and produced by Siren Visual, Aniplex of America, Sentai Filmworks, and Manga Entertainment. It released its first episode on 3rd April 2010 and concluded with its thirteenth episode on 26th June 2010. 

This Japanese anime series received a rating of 8.1 from MyAnimeList, 7.6 from IMDb, and 77% from AniList. After the massive success of Angel Beats, this anime was turned into a light novel series, as well as four mangas. Angel Beats have also been adapted into small video animations of around 30 minutes. The show amassed a considerable number of fans who are now eager for an Angel Beats season 2.

Angel Beats Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there will never be an Angel Beats season 2. During the making of the first installation, the show’s creators had no interest in a second one. They made the storyline in a way that all arcs were wrapped up within the first season of Angel Beats. There might be a slim chance of a prequel, but it has been more than a decade since we heard of this anime. As of June 2023, Angel Beats season 2 is canceled. 

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Angel Beats Season 2 Plot

Angel Beats revolves around a group of people trying to cross over to the afterlife and find peace. It is set in a limbo where individuals with past trauma had to overcome their pain before moving on. The plot is set around Yuzura Otonashi and Yuri Nakamura, the founder of Shinda Sekai Sensen or SSS. 

SSS is a rebellious group that works against God and Angel, God’s associate. The members of this group criticize the decision of the Almighty who allowed them to face hardships in life. There are other characters called NPC or non-player characters, all of whom are fabricated. The afterlife also consists of shadow antagonists whose mission is to destroy any bonds of love or affection the people stuck in limbo might form. 

It is later revealed that Angel is Kanade Tachibana who later finds peace. In the end, Yuzura stays in limbo, helping other souls find their peace. In real life, two people who look like Yuzura and Kanade meet which implies that their love story might get fulfilled. 

Angel Beats Season 2 Characters

The voice of Yuzura Otonashi is by Hiroshi Kamiya and Blake Shephard; the voice of Yuri Nakamura is by Harumi Sakurai and Brittney Karbowski; the voice of Kanade Tachibana is by Kana Hanazawa and Emily Neves; the voice of Hideki Hinata is by Ryōhei Kimura and David Matranga; and the voice of Ayato Naoi is by Megumi Ogata and Greg Ayres. 

Eri Kitamura and Hilary Haag gave their voices to Yui, and LiSA is the one who sings. Takahiro Mizushima, Kalob Martinez, and Illich Guardiola gave their voices to Takamatsu; Shun Takagi and Leraldo Anzaldua gave their voices to Noda; Fūko Saitō and Melissa Davis gave their voices to Eri Shiina; and Yui Makino, Serena Varghese, and Elizabeth Bunch gave their voices to Yusa. 

Angel Beats Season 2 Trailer

Since there has been no news about the renewal of Angel Beats season 2, a trailer has also not been made. The trailer for season one is available on YouTube, IMDb, and other online platforms. 

Where Can You Watch Angel Beats Season 2 Online?

Angel Beats originally premiered on local Japanese television channels like MBS and CBC. Later, Crunchyroll gained streaming rights. It is also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in certain regions. Angel Beats season 2 has not been renewed and has no available episodes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Angel Beats season 2 been renewed?

Angel Beats season 2 is most probably canceled given all the gossip.

2. What is Angel Beats about?

Angel Beats is about a group of people who are unable to find peace in the afterlife because they cannot overcome their past trauma.

3. Are the rating good?

Angel Beats fared exceptionally well which makes the viewers want Angel Beats season 2.

4. Where can you watch the Angel Beats?

You can watch all episodes of this anime show on Crunchyroll.

5. Is there any chance of seeing this anime again?

Angel Beats can return for a prequel, but that is unsure as of now.

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