Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date: Are The Dynamic Duo Returning With Their Creativity?

Get ready, Bargain Block fans! It’s time to buckle up for another season of jaw-dropping transformations, great challenges, and unbelievable bargains. Welcome to the ultimate home renovation ride! The dynamic pair of design and construction, Keith and Evan, are back and how. This time the stakes are even higher and the competition is fierce. They are equipped with hammers of steel, an eye for beautiful design, and a mind-blowing budget. Read on to know what you can expect from Bargain Block Season 3 and its release date.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

“Bargain Block” is a popular TV series on HGTV that revolves around the renovation and transformation of properties in a cost-effective way. The show follows two talented hosts, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, as they compete against each other to create the most impressive makeovers while maximizing their resources and finding great deals.

Name Of The ShowBargain Block
Season Number Season 3
IMDB Rating8.8/10
Streaming OnApple TV
Bargain Block Season 1 Release Date27 January 2021
Bargain Block Season 3 Release DateRenewed

Each episode features Keith, a skilled contractor, and Evan, a creative designer, as they take on the challenge of renovating rundown houses in a neighbourhood. The main goal of the show and Keith and Evan is to transform the desolate houses in a way no one can imagine. They instil new life into these properties and turn them into beautiful, functional, and stylish homes.

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HGTV has renewed Bargain Block for a third season. The cable network has ordered 10 further episodes of the show, which will air this summer. The show follows partners Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas as they renovate properties in Detroit. The release date of Bargain Block Season 3 has not been confirmed yet. However, it will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our website to know the latest details on Bargain Block Season 3.

Why is Bargain Block so popular?

The show delivers how Keith and Evan work together and overcome various obstacles and tight budgets.  They are experts in their own field and their resourcefulness helps them find the best material available on a minimal budget. They use their innovative creativity and add value to the properties. Moreover, they also make use of DIY stuff and with their clever space utilization techniques they can turn any place into a beautiful property, that too on a limited budget.

The show garnered great reviews and attracted more than 18 million viewers. It gives the audience practical tips, inspiration, and ideas on ways they can transform their boring houses into something beautiful. What attracts the audience the most is everything is done on a limited budget. The show emphasizes that beautiful decorative houses do not require breaking the bank. With creativity, skill, and smart choices, any property can be transformed into a remarkable space.

Bargain Block Season 3: What the plot can be?

In Bargain Block Season 3 stakes are bigger and the competition is fiercer this season. Epic showdowns between Keith and Evan will put their skill and creativity against one another. They will strike bargains, find lost riches, and make the most of their money. They want to demonstrate that even on a limited budget, aspirations may come true. And as they complete each improvement, homeowners will weep happy tears as they watch their houses go through amazing transformations.

Prepare yourself for a flurry of originality and style. You will get to experience a luxury that is attainable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Bargain Block return for a third season?

This summer will see the release of the third season of the Detroit-centered HGTV series Bargain Block. Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are the main characters of the show as they create and restore unique houses throughout the city.

2. Evan from Bargain Block has a PhD, right?

Evan, a native of the Midwest, graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with both a bachelor’s and a doctorate in physics.

3. How much is Bargain Block’s Keith worth?

The ‘Bargain Block’ guys have a combined net worth of almost $1 million. Keith’s estimated net worth is roughly $1.5 million due to the fact that he has been in the renovation industry for more than five years.

4. Keith and Evan have been dating how long?

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, partners who won 20 million people over with their season one of Bargain Block, have been together for nine years. After four years of dating, in 2017, they became engaged. They began dating in 2013.

5. How is the viewership of Bargain Block?

After the homes are rebuilt, the couple gives them an elegant makeover.  High Noon Entertainment produces Bargain Block, which garnered more than 20 million viewers in its debut season.

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