The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date: Will Chantel And Pedro Return?

The Family Chantel is an American Reality show starring Chantel Everett and  Pedro Jimeno. Fans have watched all four seasons with so much interest and are waiting for a new season.

Season 4 of The Family Chantel was shocking for many fans as the season ended with a divorce announcement between Chantel and Pedro. This ending also raises hope for a new season.

We have seen Chantel and Pedro endure many ups and downs in their life in all four seasons, and the entire fourth season revolved around the divorce of Chantel and Pedro. 

The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date

Chantel and Pedro in The Family Chantel

This might be bad news for the fans of The Family Chantel as there is no official announcement for season 5. We can still hope for a new season as there are evident hints for renewal.

One of the most evident hints is Chantel’s Instagram bio, where she mentioned #The family Chantel. Below the hashtag, you can also see a quote:

“The Whole Time You Thought You Were Not Enough, You Were Over Qualified.”

These hints create hope for a new season of The Family Chantel. The show can release in 2023. Keeping all the previous dates in mind, we can guess the show might release in a few months. 

The divorce of Chantel and Pedro became messy, and many mutual restraining orders were filed. After the messy breakup, it is hard for us to get a renewal, but she should not lose hope. 

Chantel has never opposed documenting her post-split-up life. This might become a new plot for season 5. She has also expressed her feelings to return in the show through interviews. So we still have hopes. 

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The Family Chantel Season 5 Cast:

We can expect all the family members in The Family Chantel show. Family members who will return in season 5 are Winter, Karen, Riverknight, and Thomas Everett. We cannot confirm the return of Pedro or his family. 

Pedro is busy with his realtor job, so we cannot expect him back in the show as a main character but as a side character. 

Will Pedro Jimeno Return for Season 5?

It is hard to confirm the return of Pedro Jimeno for a new season. Back when he filed a divorce, the show’s fans were furious and demanded the creator not cast him or his family again.

There are many plot lines for Chantel’s family, but there is nothing left for Pedro or his dramatic family. The hatred towards his family might cancel the renewal of the new season. 

The Family Chantel Season 5 Plot:

The Family Chantel Season 5

Season 4 ended with the announcement of divorce between Chantel and Pedro, so now you must be wondering what to expect in season 5 if it is renewed.

Well, fans are eager to know how Chantel is getting back on track after the painful split up with Pedro. It is also rumored that Chantel has a new boyfriend.

So the new season might revolve around Chantel. They might show us how she rebounding from the split up and enjoying her new life with her new boyfriend. 

Season 4 was all about divorce and so much drama between the family, but the new season might show a new beautiful beginning of Chantel’s life. 

Where Can We Watch The Family Chantel Season 5?

If you want to watch all seasons of The Family Chantel, you can stream on Fubo TV Max, Max Amazon Channel, Discovery Plus Amazon Channel, TLC, or Apple TV.

If the show is renewed, then you can stream the new season on the same platforms where all other seasons are streaming. Stay with us for new season updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Did Pedro and Chantel get divorced?

After six years of marriage, it is confirmed that Pedro and Chantel filed for divorce in 2022.

2. What happened to Pedro and Chantel in 2023?

Pedro filed for divorce in May 2022 and got divorced in April 2022. Pedro’s sudden change in behavior caused the divorce. 

3. Why did Pedro and Chantel get divorced?

Chantel accused Pedro of cheating her and using abusive language. He cheated on Chantel with a co-worker. This resulted in their divorce.

4. Will there be a season 5 of The Family Chantel?

The creators have not officially announced anything about season 5, but there are many chances that we will get one. 

5. Will Pedro return for a new season?

Pedro might not return for the new season as he is hated by all the fans, and he is busy with his realtor job. 

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