Zoom 100 Episode 6 : Release Date, Spoilers And More!

Anime and manga of new genres are trending these days and the audience is digging for good new stuff. The one in discussion today is a brand-new anime that has turned many heads in its direction. The series just release around five episodes and already has a lot of audience hooked to it.

Zoom 100 is the tale and story of Akira and will surely continue to become a must-read series as well. The audience of the manga has loved the previous episodes and the growing plot has interested, many as well. The release of the episodes has been delayed before for like a week but has it occurred this time as well? That is still to be known. The anime has surely gotten a lot of audience and they are all excited.

So, this article reveals the date, the time and also the details if the release has been delayed or not. So, read further to know all about it!

Zoom 100 Episode 6 Release Date

The tale of Akira has surely a lot of heads in this direction. The unique plot and genre of the story have an added bonus as well. The episodes have been great rollercoasters focusing on the current and childhood life of Akira. The previous episodes focused on the character realising what his childhood dream was. He tags along with Kencho and heads to the aquarium. It is revealed that he actually wanted to be a superhero!

There have been release delays before and yes, it has occurred this time as well. The episode will be airing one week later than planned due to some reasons. But it is not the fault of the makers this time. There is a sporting event taking place in Japan which is going to be delaying the release since it was planned to release that day itself.

The episode is set to release on a Sunday! Yes, the sixth episode of Zoom 100 will be airing on the 27th of August. The anime does air on Crunchyroll. It also simultaneously releases episodes on Netflix as well. So, the Indian audience can choose from Netflix for sure!

If there are any more details about the release, we will update it!

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Zoom 100 Episode 6 Predicted Story

The previous episodes of Zoom 100 have been total bangers. The story is divulging into what Akira actually wanted when he was a little kid. They realise that he did want to be a superhero. He and Kencho tag along to go to an aquarium. They amusingly are looking for a shark suit that will help him defend himself from zombies! They also are protective during bites of any sort.

The story gets more interesting when Akiraraiger jumps into saving the lives of people who were being attacked by zombies! He tries to save Shizuka and gets embarrassed for just risking his life. The story gets more fun and interesting after that. There has been a massive attack because a zombified shark is running loose on the land. When Shizuka is in trouble, he quickly runs to save her. Akira, Kencho and Shizuka all together defeat the shark and it ends on good terms when she gives him her number before departing.

The story has had so many fun twists and turns with Shizuka constantly trying to criticise Akira but he has been nothing but sweet to her all along. The story will surely follow along these lines and the episodes will get better as they proceed as well.

If there is anything else, we will surely let you know.

Until then, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zoom 100

1. Who is the lead of Zoom 100?

The lead of Zoom 100 is Akira.

2. When will episode six of Zoom 100 be released?

The sixth episode of Zoom 100 is set to release on August 27th, 2023.

3. Where can we stream Zoom 100 online?

Zoom 100 can be streamed online on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

4. Will there be a cancellation of Zoom 100?

No, there will not be any cancellations since it is a new series and has been progressing well so far. There will not be any cancellations until he makers say so

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