Handyman Saitou in Another World Chapter 112 Release date & Spoilers

There are so many mangas out today that the audience are loving for the genre and plot. The stories are getting more intriguing day by day and reading them gives us a sense of understanding. The manga in discussion today is one such gem that the audience have been loving for a while now. the animehas currently completed over 100 chapters and the audience are always eager for more.

The Handyman Saitou In Another World chapters have been loved by the readers and their curiosity towards the release of chapter 112 brings excitement. Let me tell you why this one is the most anticipated. The 112th chapter of Handyman Saitou In Another World would be the mark of the end of its fourth volume and this seems like a great climax point.

The audience are curious to know if the cliffhangers will finally be cleared or they will be left hanging until the next volume arrives. Read further to know everything about the 112th Chapter!

Handyman Saitou in Another World Chapter 112 Release Date

The end of the fourth volume seems like a great chapter to be reading. Since this one will either keep us in understanding or will leave us hanging will be known soon. The previous chapter covered a lot of about the labyrinth and its deepest part which was lightened with Saitou and Co’s arrival. The chapter consisted of scenes with orc killing and Sqaitou with his monologues.

Usually in the mangas, we have the monster orcs just to distract the characters and do nothing else. The previous one marked the speaking of an arc and orchestrating a strategy against Saitou as well. If this cannot be predicted, then nothing else can be predicted as well. So, what more deeper secrets will the labyrinth unleash further? The last chapter of Handyman Saitou will have to answer that. We will know if this will be a cliffhanger or not as well.

The final episode of volume four is set to release very soon and the readers are truly intrigued with the dates. It can surely be watched clearly on 18th, 2023!

It will air on Friday August 18th in Japan! Let’s wait and read all the interesting elements covered in the manga!

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Handyman Saitou in Another World Chapter 112 Predicted Story And Cast

With the backstory of Raelza in the previous chapter, the audience can agree that they had not expected that to be a part of the chapter. Raelza brings a lot to light about what her mother said to her. She says that Wolves may be ferocious but the ones to be aware of are humans since they are cunning and cruel.

She will surely not be able to make a choice since her father was killed by a human and her mother was killed a wolf. She does suffer from cold and other issues while narrating this back story. She goes on about how she met a wolf and was reminded of their virtue. After she had offered it some food, she and the wolf stayed together for a while and turned into close friends.

The story focuses later on Saitou and the entry to the labyrinth for further exploration and answers. The monsters still stay in there even after the death of the king years ago. These monsters are probably guarding or hiding something about the treasure. The story will pick up from here in the next episode that will air on Thursday.

The manga can be read on ComicWalker for the Japanese version. The English translation will be available on Yen Press.

Until then, stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Handyman Saitou In Another World

1. When will chapter 112 of Handyman Saitou In Another World release?

Handyman Saitou In Another World chapter 112 will release on August 18th, 2023. We can stream it on 18th without any technical glitches.

2. Which volume is the story of Handyman Saitou In Another World on right now?

The manga is currently at the ending of its fourth volume.

3. Who are the monsters on Handyman Saitou In Another World?

Orcs are the monsters who planned a strategy on Handyman Saitou In Another World.

4. Where to read Handyman Saitou In Another World?

Yen Press


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