Where Is Thomas Toolan III Now: What Is The Killer Doing Now?

Relationships should be based on love and understanding, not fear or dominance. The scene we are discussing about today talks about the wrong route a toxic relationship took. The habits and actions of the boyfriend led to the death of his girlfriend through a homicide as well. The story is inspired by the episode of Dateline: Fatal Attraction.

The one we are talking about today is the 21st season and the 49th episode which talks about the case of Beth Lochtefeld. The case talks about how her ex-boyfriend killed her by stabbing her around 23 times just for breaking up with her. The controlling and violent boyfriend was produced to court as well.

If you are interested in knowing what happened to him after all this, this article is for you. While first being a loving boyfriend, he showed his possessive and controlling side later which terrified Beth. After all that he has done, where is the killer ex-boyfriend now?

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Where Is Thomas Toolan Now?

Thomas Toolan III first met Beth Lochtefeld on Labor Day through a mutual friend. They very soon started dating and fell terribly in love as well. They were beautiful together until he started revealing his actual side to her. The man was surely successful which might be due to his financial background and charming looks.

He was actually working as an Investment Consultant on Wall Street. He had an alcohol problem that led to him being more abusive and violent. Beth felt like she could fix him and help him recover. The man was previously caught trying to steal a Roman bust. This one is said to be worth about 80,000 dollars at an Antique show in 2001. He pleaded guilty as well.

Even though Beth knew all about this, she thought love could heal all. The two had discussed a lot about how they will lead a life with kids and marriage. When he thought of proposing, she was thinking of breaking up. This led him to kill her brutally and go to court due to it as well.

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Thomas Toolan III

The story goes on to tell that Thomas had flown to Nantucket on October 25, 2004. The man had purchased knives and went over to her place. After this, he rushed to get a flight and he was later arrested in Rhode Island. Until February 10, 2005, he was suspected and later charged with first-degree murder and also an assault with a weapon.

Tom was on a trial until 2007 when it was said that the man was terribly drunk during the whole homicide and the results told us that his blood alcohol level was .30 which is around four times higher than the legal limit. The defence tried to prove that he wasn’t legally sane and should be let go.

They pleaded saying that he took any drug he could get and also took dog tranquillizers if he could get a prescription. The show dateline tells us that he took Zoloft, Paxil, Benzodiazepine, and other drugs. The man was finally received a life sentence in prison and with no parole as well.

He is currently in prison for the rest of his life for the crime he has committed as well. Being that drunk is unhealthy but committing such a crime is unacceptable at any cost. He is thus going to spend all of his life in prison and will not get out.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thomas Toolan III

1. Who is Thomas Toolan III?

Thomas Toolan III was the boyfriend of Beth Lochtefeld and also a criminal.

2. What charges were put against Thomas Toolan III?

Thomas Toolan III was accused of first-degree murder and assault using a dangerous weapon.

3. Where is Thomas Toolan III now?

Thomas Toolan III is currently in prison and has received a life sentence as well.

4. When did Thomas Toolan III kill Beth Lochtefeld?

Thomas Toolan III killed Beth Lochtefeld on October 25, 2004.

5. Where can we watch the case of Beth Lochtefeld?

The case can be watched on Dateline: Fatal Attraction season 21, episode 49.

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