Best Movies/Series Of Cillian Murphy

Movies are something that connects with people better than any other form of visuals. There are many people who love different genres and find movies that are best suited to them. Today we are here to discuss about the movies of one such actor. His movies have stayed constant in surprising the audience and keeping them thinking for days about the plots.

Yes, the one we are talking about is Cillian Murphy. The Irish actor has somehow managed to keep all of his fans spellbound and shocked for days with every single project that he takes on. Better known as Thomas Shelby, the actor has a huge fan following and his project choices are only getting better.

Peaky Blinders was a great show and his acting will always be remembered. His new project that is running wild among the audience with Housefull shows has also left the audience speechless. Oppenheimer is one of the best projects Cillian must ever have worked on and its outcome is way better than expected.

The movie has gained millions of reviews, the love of all the youngsters and the drive to watch it does not go away. People rushed to the theatres and waited eagerly to watch this masterpiece with both Cillian and Christopher. After this project, the audience is very eagerly looking around to watch more of his movies or series.

This article will precisely list his best projects ever and give you an idea about the movies that Cillian has worked on. You can take your pick, and anyone you pick- we know it will keep you entertained since every movie of him is worth watching!

Best Movies/Series Of Cillian Murphy

Thrilling and mind-boggling movies are what the audience today is craving. If you are a Cillian Murphy fan, you know exactly what genre we are talking about. The actor picks his stories in a way. He loves dark movies with one of the most complicated plots that keep the audience reeling days after watching the movie.

Today we have picked seven of the best movies or series of Cillian Murphy that are going to leave you spellbound for the story and his acting as well.

  • Peaky Blinders

If there is ever a British series that has the capacity to captivate its audience, Peaky Blinders will be the first on the list. The show is about a group of gangsters and their life and doings. The show is more complicated than it looks and will surely get the audience going crazy.

The show is set in Birmingham, London and Cillian Murphy plays the role of Thomas Shelby. If you love a 1800s-based gangster show with one of the best-ever plots and story, this would surely be your pick. Thomas Shelby is someone nobody will easily forget and could be said to be one of Cillian’s best projects as well.

The series can be streamed online on Netflix.

  • Oppenheimer

If you are a lover of science, this movie is tailor-made for you. Oppenheimer is the biopic of one of the best physicists the world has ever seen- Dr J Robert Oppenheimer. The story revolves around how Oppenheimer goes on to build one of the first bombs in the world. The physicist rises to power with all of his frisky behaviour, leaving it all behind, he moves forward to work on the project.

Using his capacity and all of his knowledge, he brings together a group of scientists who will also help him on this mission that will be remembered as the most important thing to happen in the history of the world. The process of how they build Los Alamos, the way he is treated, and the life Oppenheimer leads after the success is shown here.

Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance has surely kept the movie more interesting, but the special appearance of Albert Einstein is worth watching. Being a project of Christopher Nolan along with Cillian Murphy, the movie will surely keep you wondering for days.

This movie has not yet been released anywhere online and is still in theatres. So catch it before it’s too late because it is something you would not want to miss!

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  • Red Eye
Best Movies Of Cillian Murphy

If Cillian Murphy looks dashing as a theoretical physicist, imagine as a terrorist. Yes, cilllian plays the role of a terrorist names Jackson in the movie Red Eye with Rachel McAdams being the female lead.

The story goes on with Rachel being a hotel manager and who is blackmailed to switch the room of a government official whom his group is trying to kill.

The twist on this one is that they both are on a plane so she has nowhere to go. She has to inform the security without Jackson knowing and has to make sure he is caught as well. Being a mysteriously calm man, his role in this adds to his fame and makes it worth watching.

The movie can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Sunshine
Best Movies Of Cillian Murphy

This movie is proof that this is not the first time Cillian is playing the role of a physicist. The story is about Robert Capa. The movie is set in 2057 where there is a mission that a physicist leads, which allows to save the earth and the sun in its own way. The story is about how the physicist team pushed a giant nuclear bomb called Icarus II to make the sun heat up. The first one, Icarus I comes in the way and this messes up the entire plan which endangers the lives of others.

How they handle it is what is shown in this one. Just like in Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy does an excellent job playing the role of a physicist.

  • Batman Begins
Best Movies Of Cillian Murphy

If you love watching Cillian as a hero, watching this will surely be love. Jonathan Crane also known as Scarecrow is a crucial part of the movie. Al-Gul might be the lead antagonist of the movie, but Cillian’s character is more scarier than that.

Crane is a physicist at the Arkham Asylum and his way of the treating patience is very creepy- he puts them on a drug included method which includes hallucinations. His role makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin as well. So if this is something that will blow your mind, do watch this movie!

The movie can be watched on Amazon Prime Video and also on Youtube.

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  • Red Lights
Best Movies Of Cillian Murphy

This is yet another thriller that will blow the minds of the audience, the movie is a supernatural thriller by genre. It follows the story of paranormal researcher Margaret and her assistant Tom whose role is played by Cillian. They go to places that are said to be haunted and hold investigations. The movie is filled with unexpected twists and there is another rival named Silver. The movie takes a turn when Margaret dies and Cillian takes her position.

He goes on to reveal that Silver is just another fraud and this continues the story. The climax will surely bring up the interest of the audience as well. So if this genre suits you, do watch it.

The movie can be streamed on Youtube and Google Play Movies.

  • Peacock
Best Movies Of Cillian Murphy

Cillian is known to pick unique roles with abstract definitions usually. This movie is yet another good pick if you looking to watch a Shelby movie. It is a psychological thriller that is about John Skillpa, who is a bank employee. The man is suffering from an identity disorder and he lives in Nebraska.

He has a female who finishes up his chores during the day. This identity disorder leads him to lead a life as a married couple- Emma and John. It takes a wild turn when a female comes to his house and reveals a lot of thrilling facts about his path that leaves the viewers stunned.

The movie is available to stream on Lionsgate Play.

This list is surely going to help you in picking the best movies by Cillian Murphy. Stay tuned for more such content!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cillian Murphy

1. Which is the latest movie of Cillian Murphy?

Cillian Murphy’s latest movie is Oppenheimer where he plays the role of Dr. J Robert Oppenheimer.

2. What genre is Peacock?

Peacock is a psychological thriller.

3. Where can we watch Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders is a gangster-related series set in Birmingham. The series can be watched on Netflix.

4. What is the role of Cillian Murphy on Batman Begins?

Cillian plays the role of Scarecrow- a psychiatrist in Batman Begins.

5. Where can we stream Oppenheimer online?

The movie has not yet been released online and can be watched in theatres.

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