WBBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus: Exam Dates, Exam Pattern And More!

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education [WBBSE] is a self-governing body that is mainly responsible for secondary education in the State of West Bengal in India. The WBBSE board of education is like the other examining authorities like ICSE and CBSE in our country. The goal of WBBSE is to control, supervise, and maintain the regulation and development of education in West Bengal State.

 The 8th standard is a very important year for the students as they learn the basic concepts and the core foundations of several subjects which help in the next classes and the future, so WBBSE focuses on designing the syllabus in such a way that the student can get the exposure of modern technology. The WBBSE Class 8th results are also published on the official website of the West Bengal Board of Education.

The West Bengal Board of Education considers Science a very important subject in the educational program of Class 8 and hence all the students who have passed the examination of Class 7th should know all the updates and information regarding the syllabus of Science. Everything that students need to know about the science syllabus for the examination is given below.

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Important Details

Official WebsiteCLICK HERE
Name of The Education BoardWest Bengal Board of Secondary Education
TopicWBBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus
LocationWest Bengal
Class8th standard

WBBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus

Name of the chapterDetails and concepts
Force and PressureFriction, measurement of force, friction and its unit, Air Pressure, buoyancy, Archimedes Principle
Force Acting Without ContactConcepts of gravity and gravitational force, the motion of gravity, motion because of electrostatic force, concepts of charge and electronic force
Nature Of MatterMetals and non-metals, physical and chemical changes, and their properties use, and effects and uses in human life and the environment
Structure of MatterKnowledge and concept of Atoms and Molecules, valency, chemical bond, and different states of matter
HeatConcept of heat, its unit, measurement and its flow, conduction, radiation, and convection
Chemical ReactionCatalysts, Factors that affect chemical reactions, exothermic and endothermic reactions, oxidation-reduction
Chemical Effects Of ElectricityElectroplating and Electrolysis
Analysis of Natural PhenomenonEpidemic and Lighting
Human Food and Food ProductionCrop, crop production, animal-based production
LightLaws of reflection of the law
Know About Some Common GasesEquipment, hydrogen, and oxygen
Occurrence of Carbon and its Compounds in Different Forms in Nature and Living OrganismsBasic concepts, greenhouse effect, carbon-containing polymers value of fuel
Structure of Living Organism 
World of MicrobesAbout microorganisms and their relationship with the world, and the significance of microbes in the environment.
Endocrine System and AdolescenceGlands and about adolescence
Biodiversity, Environmental Crisis, and Conservation of Endangered AnimalsConservation of wildlife, endangered animals, polar region, and desert life
The Plant Kingdom and the Environment Around UsImportance of plants, spices, and medicinal plants

How To Prepare For Class 8 Science Syllabus

  1. Students need to plan properly and give a specific time to the Science subject.
  2. Download the Syllabus from the Official website of the West Bengal Board of Education and take the printout
  3. Mark the topics which have been already covered and also mark which topic is difficult and which topic is easy.
  4. Give more time to the difficult topic to make it your strength
  5. The students are advised to use Reference Books
  6. Pay attention in class and revise the topic taught in class on the same day only.

WBBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus: FAQs

Q1. Will there be Physics in Science syllabus for Class 8 of WBBSE?

The students will only be introduced to the various concepts and foundations of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Q2. How many chapters are there in the Class 8 Science subject?

There are a total of 17 Chapters in Science subject of Class 8th.

Q3. Who is responsible for deciding the Science syllabus of Class 8th?

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education [WBBSE] is the self-governing authority that is responsible for deciding the class 8th science syllabus in West Bengal State.

Q4. How can I become a topper in class 8th in Science?

Plan and organize your study schedule, Students are also advised to use reference books and make the most difficult chapters your strength. With Hard work and dedication, a student can easily score good marks in class 8th in Science. 

Q5. What are the Biology Chapters of Class 8th WBBSE?

Structure of Living Organism, World of Microbes, Endocrine System and Adolescence, Biodiversity, Environmental Crisis, Conservation of Endangered Animals, and The Plant Kingdom and the Environment Around Us are a few of the biology chapters in class 8.

Q6. Is class 8 important?

Yes, class 8 is very important as students learn the basic concepts and the core foundations of several subjects which help in the next classes and the future.

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