Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 Release Date: What Is Next For Aya And Her Friends?

New age animes are ruling the entertainment industry as of this moment and the recent release of Undead Murder Farce is a prime example. This anime web show was originally titled as Undead Girl Murder Farce or Andeddo Gāru Mādā Farusu. It has been adapted from the novel series of the same name written by Yugo Aosaki and published by Kodansha. 

The first volume was released on 17th December 2015 and is currently ongoing with three released volumes. A subsequent shōnen manga illustrated by Haruka Tomoyama was released on 25th June 2016 and is still continuing with three volumes now. The anime series Undead Murder Farce has been directed by Mamoru Hatakeyama, written by Noboru Takagi, and produced by Lapin Track and Hana Sugawara. 

The first episode of this anime show was released recently on 6th July 2023 and received an immediate rating of 7.6 from MyAnimeList and 8.4 from IMDb. The second episode was released today and fans are now waiting for the Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 release date.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 Release Date

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 Release Date

The first episode of Undead Murder Farce titled Oni Slayer was released on 6th July 2023 and the second episode titled Vampire was released on 13th July 2023. After the successes of the first two episodes, the Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 release date has been set as 20th July 2023. Each episode of this anime web series will be released every week.

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Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 Story

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 will pick up from where Episode 2 left off. Since this anime show is just picking up its pace, we can expect to be introduced to other important characters. More information might also come to light regarding the identity of the half-demon who cut off Aya’s head and injected demon blood into Tsugaru’s body. The Godard family might come back again and the vampire arc will get more screen time.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 2 Recap

The first episode of Undead Murder Farce introduces the three main protagonists of the anime and the backdrop of the show. This series is set in a world where mythical creatures like demons and vampires exist during the 19th to 20th centuries. We are first introduced to Tsugaru Shinuchi, an oni slayer or one who defeats demons. 

Tsugaru himself is half-human and half-demon with the demon part of him being the most active. The second protagonist is Aya Rindo, a demon. But, we can only see her beheaded head in a cage. Aya’s misfortune can be traced back to an unknown half-demon assailant who was also responsible for turning Tsugaru into what he is today. 

Since Aya is a demon, decapitation did not kill her but it also prevented her from healing herself. The last protagonist is Shizuku Hasei, Aya’s maid who carries an impressive rifle. Undead Murder Farce Episode 2 introduces us to the vampire community and the rising war between humans and vampires after the death of the head of the Godard family. 

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 Release Date

We see our protagonists traveling across Europe while battling monsters with Aya being the brains and Tsugaru being the body. This episode also feeds us important trivia regarding vampires and opens up a probable romantic arc between Aya and Tsugaru.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 Cast

The voice of Aya Rindo is by Tomoyo Kurosawa; the voice of Tsugaru Shinuchi is by Taku Yashiro; the voice of Shizuku Hasei is by Makoto Koichi; the voice of Annie Kerber is by Sayumi Suzushiro; the voice of Sherlock Holmes is by Shin-ichiro Miki; and the voice of John H. Watson is by Masaki Aizawa.

The voice of Victor is by Itaru Yamamoto; the voice of Phantom is by Hiro Shimono; the voice of Arsène Lupin is by Mamoru Miyano; and the voice of Nora is by Maaya Uchida.

Where Can You Watch Undead Murder Farce Online?

Undead Murder Farce is releasing all episodes on Fuji TV (+Ultra). You can also watch all episodes on Crunchyroll with a prior subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 release date?

The Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 release date is 20th July 2023.

2. What is Undead Murder Farce about?

Undead Murder Farce is about a beheaded Aya and her quest for revenge with Tsugaru and Shizuku set against a world of mythical beings.

3. How many episodes does Undead Murder Farce have?

Undead Murder Farce will have 13 episodes. 

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