Is Burn (2019) Based On a True Story?

As the world evolves, people are curious to know about psychological stuff. People are trying to find psychological reasons behind everything. Thriller is one of the most favorite genres of people. Now imagine a psychological thriller film in the theaters. How good will it be?  

Burn is a psychological thriller film directed by Mike Gan. This film revolves around a girl, Melinda, who is a gas station attendant, and she is tired of not getting attention. One day she is held at gunpoint, but she tries to make a connection with the thief. Why?

Is Burn (2019) Based On a True Story?

Burn 2019 was written and directed by Mike Gan. He was inspired by an article, which sparked him the idea of the story. Burn Movie explores the idea of psychological behaviors. 

The director Mike Gan is always fascinated by psychological feelings. Mike Gan focused more on the characters, so that audience can understand what fuels their behavior.   

If you have watched the film, then you can easily understand how the needs are different for each character. The limited characters helped in better understanding of their behavior.

The primary concept of the film was creating an atmosphere where everyone thinks themselves as hero. This trigger caused a horrific turn of all events. 

Melinda was the most focused character in the film, and her backstory helps us to understand her current state of mind. Actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey worked hard for her character. 

The most essential part of a psychological thriller film is the location, and director Mike Gan paid attention to the venue and created a thrilling aura. They used different visuals to match the actor’s emotions. 

Considering all the above facts, the movie is a fictional story. The director and actors worked so hard that it made the audience believe it was a real story.

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Burn(2019) Movie Story

Melinda is a lonely girl who works part-time at a gas station with her coworker Sheila. She tries to interact with the customers but she can not connect with them.  

Sheila always overshadows Melinda. One day Sheila teases Melinda for having a crush on a night patrolling officer, and she becomes angry and goes for a smoke break.

When she returns, a guy name Billy holds Sheila hostage for money. Instead of helping Sheila, Melinda decides to help Billy, but he rejects her help. Billy has a temper, and things go out of hand. 

Melinda pours hot coffee on him, and he accidentally shoots Sheila. Later he kills Sheila’s boyfriend and tries to escape using his car. Because of his temper, he tries to kill Melinda by creating fire, but she escapes the fire. Billy tries to escape but he can not.

You can watch this mind-blowing psychological film on, Youtube, and google play tv. 

Burn(2019) Rating, Cast, and Crew:

Mike Gan is the creator and writer of this film, and the primary leads of the film are:

  • Tilda Cobham-Hervey as Melinda
  • Josh Hutcherson as Billy
  • Suki Waterhouse as Sheila
  • Harry Shum Jr as Officer Liu
  • Shiloh Fernandez as Perry
  • Keith Leonard as Darryl
  • Angel Valle Jr as Cory
  • John D. Hickman as Bruce

The above-mentioned characters appear in the lead role. The IMDB rating of the movie is 5.7/10, and the rotten tomatoes are 54%. Burn is an underrated film, and If you are a psychological thriller fan, this is a must-watch film. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Burn(2019) R certified?

Yes, Burn(2019) is an R-rated film. It contains abusive language, sexual assault, and violence. 

2. Does Billy die in Burn?

Yes, Billy dies in the end.

3. What happens at the end of Burn(2019) movie?

Billy drags Sheila and starts beating her. Melinda sneaks up on him and throws hot coffee at him. Startled, Billy shoots Sheila. 

4. Who plays the role of Melinda?

Tilda Cobham-Hervey plays the role of Melinda.

5. Who kills Sheila in Burn?

Billy kills Sheila in the film Burn.

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