Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date: When Is HBO Max Bringing The Crime Drama For Its Second Installment?

Yet another underrated web series that never got the acclaim it deserved is Tokyo Vice. It has been adapted from a book titled Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan by Jake Adelstein, which is based on real-life incidents. The book was released in 2009 as Jake’s memoir and the web series was released on 7th April 2022 on HBO Max. 

It ended the first season on 28th April 2022 with the eighth episode. Tokyo Vice has been created by J. T. Rogers and produced by Gerson Saines Productions, Grisbi, SRO Productions, and Wowow, along with Endeavor Content, Boku Films, and Forward Pass. The web show garnered a rating of 8 on IMDb, 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 75% on Metacritic, making the audience want Tokyo Vice season 2.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date

Fortunately for fans, Tokyo Vice Season 2 was renewed on 7th June 2022, shortly after the release of the first season. According to gossip tabloids, production is underway, and we might get to see the Tokyo Vice season 2 release date sooner than expected. It may release sometime later in 2024, but that is controversial. As of July 2023, the Tokyo Vice season 2 release date is unknown. 

Name Of The ShowTokyo Vice
Season NumberSeason 2
IMDB Rating8/10
Streaming OnHBO Max
Tokyo Vice Season 1 Release Date7 April 2022
Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release DateCanceled

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Tokyo Vice Season 2 Story

The story of Tokyo Vice is about Jake Adelstein, an American journalist who wants to make it big in Tokyo. However, he has to pass an exam in the Japanese language to get the job he wants at a famous newspaper company. Jake Adelstein passes with flying colors and joins the Japanese company in a minimal position. 

He comes under the care of Hiroto Katagiri, a vice squad detective who teaches him the ways of Japan. He also educates Jake about the yakuza and how crime takes place in an organized manner. The Yakuza is a Japanese crime syndicate because of which people live in terror. 

The series follows the lives of Jake, Hiroto, and the people associated with them. At the end of season one of Tokyo Vice, Jake was thinking of returning to the USA. His plans stop midway when he discovers that Polina might have been murdered. On the other hand, Hiroto was being threatened by Tozawa while Sato got stabbed. 

Tozawa leaves for an unknown place and Samantha finds herself in financial difficulties because of Akira. Tokyo Vice season 2 will pick up from where season 1 left off and will show that Tozawa went to the USA to get a liver transplant while the others slowly realize Tozawa needs to be dealt with. 

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Cast

Ansel Elgort was cast in the role of Jake Adelstein; Ken Watanabe was cast in the role of Hiroto Katagiri; Rachel Keller was cast in the role of Samantha Porter; Hideaki Itō was cast in the role of Jin Miyamoto; and Shō Kasamatsu was cast in the role of Sato. 

We also see Rinko Kikuchi playing the role of Emi Maruyama; Ella Rumpf playing the role of Polina; Tomohisa Yamashita playing the role of Akira; and Ayumi Tanida playing the role of Shinzo Tozawa. The main cast will be back for Tokyo Vice season 2.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Trailer

The creators of the show have already renewed Tokyo Vice Season 2, and production is currently ongoing. There is no trailer or teaser available for the second installment yet, but we may get to see the official teaser for Tokyo Vice Season 2 soon. The trailers and promotional videos from the first season are available on YouTube.

Where Can You Watch Tokyo Vice Season 2 Online?

Tokyo Vice Season 2 is currently under production and will release the episodes soon on its original streaming platform, HBO Max. The episodes of the previous season are already streaming on the same channel. Furthermore, you can also watch the series on Amazon Prime Video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Tokyo Vice season 2 release date? 

The Tokyo Vice season 2 release date is unknown as of July 2023. 

2. Has Tokyo Vice season 2 been canceled? 

Tokyo Vice season 2 has been renewed by the creators of the show. 

3. How many episodes are there to watch in Tokyo Vice?

Tokyo Vice currently has eight available episodes to watch. 

4. Can I watch Tokyo Vice on Netflix? 

Tokyo Vice is available to stream on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

5. How did Jake get the footage? 

A goon from the Tozawa gang gave the footage to Jake. 

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