The Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story And Spoilers!

Many Hindu gods have many cartoon adaptations to them. There are many animated series about Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna, Hanuman and so many more. The ones that are very famous are the most interesting to the children. For those growing intereted towards mythology should definitely watch these series and their other adaptations.

Many revolve around Little Krishna, Bal Ganesh and so many others. Legend Of Hanuman is again a very unique and nice series for those young ones who are developing an interest towards the genre. The series offers a lot of values and discipline to young children. The series was a massive hit. There is a lot of series about Hanuman which are very interesting.

There are a bit juvenile and have already completed two seasons. There is a great rating for this show online. The show is unique compared to others and makes it worth a watch. The characters and episodes depict a very interesting plot too.

It flows very well and its audience can’t get enough of the previous episodes themselves. The character is based on Ramayan and is depicted very well. The young audience has been waiting for new episodes of the show. The IMDb rating are a 9.4 which is huge! Let’s dive into when the season will release!

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The Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date

This epic legend of Hanuman has completed two seasons already! The first season premiered on Disney+ Hotstar in 2021. The audience was amazed by the arrival and loved the episodes. Children are always looking for new animations to watch and this time they loved the series. The audience got the second season within a few months itself which again overjoyed them.

Name of the ShowThe Legend Of Hanuman
Season NumberSeason 3
The Legend Of Hanuman Season 1 Release Date29 January 2021
The Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet

The first season came out on 29th January 2021. The second one came out in a few months and consisted of 13 episodes. It was released in July and the audience accepted it as well as they accepted the first one. The makers have taken a long break after the second one and we have not received any updates about the third season yet.

The show follows a common pattern of 13 episodes which equally consist of a 25-minute duration. We are predicting that the third will follow the same method too. The makers might bring back the season by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

There hasn’t been any official announcements yet but since the show was so great with the kids, it might return soon too. This show has given great importance to history through the minds of children. It will tune them into being in touch with the Indians in them. The tale is great and it has received a lot of popularity. Adults have also seemed to love this one recently. The series has connected our mythology to animations which makes it more interesting in modern times.

Legend Of Hanuman Season 2 Recap

There are a lot of mythology stories and most of them include Hanuman. His appearance and strength is what attract children to him. Hanuman seems very strong and positive. It contains many bits of Hanuman and he is the lead. The story begins which an insight into the life of lord Shiva. The story continues with Shiva turning into Lord Hanuman. This can be seen as a reincarnation, where he helps Lord Rama go against Ravana.

The show shows us what good of a leader Hanuman was and how he picked an entire troop and created an army out of the vanaras. We all have heard the tales of Hanuman a million times since we were young, so it is etched in our minds. The story being based on that makes it more fun. The show also lets us on many important facts that we were not aware of and isn’t easily accessible to the audience. Every bit of the show drips with details and a lot of fun. The story connects all the scenes and brings us to the plot of Ramayana.

The second season has been such a great journey and we are surely looking forward to the release of the third one.

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Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 Predicted Story

The first two seasons of Legend of Hanuman have aired and we are waiting for the third one. The third one has not yet had any announcements so there is so much that is uncertain. We currently cannot imagine or predict easily what the story can be. We do know that Lord Shiva has been reincarnated as Lord Hanuman and has come to help Ram. Ravan is now waiting to against Ram and has been ready for a war.

We are basing everything we know on the priorly existing story of Ramayan. The series has been adapted from the exact original story and so, it will follow the same. We can see the part where Ram has built a huge sena for himself with the help of Hanuman and many others things make it more interesting.

When the story reaches the children in a form of animation and interesting features, they are bound to watch it and gain knowledge about the beautiful story.

The season 3 will consist of a war between Lord Ram and Ravan. We will get to see how Ram and Hanuman both plan together on how to defeat Ravan and get back Sita safely. This is a very rough pattern of how the story will continue and there are a lot of expectations left for its animated version to come.

The Legend Of Hanuman Characters

There cannot be many predictions about the third season. we only know the second one as the third hasn’t had any updates yet. We do not even know if it will be renewed and there will be another season. so, the characters cannot be easily predicted. But, the story flows with the current characters and we know that there will not be any major changes in the roles of the leads.

So, let’s dive into it and speak about the characters who were on season 2. The main story revolves around the one who tells us about it. Rich Ting is the narrator of this beautiful mythology series. The role of Lord Hanuman has been played by Da Man. The role of lord Ram has been showcased by Sanket Matre. There is also another narrator in this series, Sharad Kelkar. The roles of Jambhava and Angad are played by Shakti Singh and Vijay Pushkar.

The role of Lakshaman, the one who is always by Ram’s side is played by Richard Joel. The role of Sugreeva is played by Vikrant Chaturvedi and the role of Nil is played by Amit Deondi. The role of Sita is played by Surabhi. There are many other supporting roles in the story such as Vibhesan, Akshay, Vayu, etc. The role of Vayu has been played by Shailendra Pandey.

There are other roles in the story that include the actors Aranya Kaur, Lalit Agarwal, Ajitesh, Toshi Singh, Anamaya Verma, Manish Bhavan, and Arpita Vora can be seen on the show. The makers have surely chosen a great cast that has brought out the show better than we could have imagined.


The story consists of a lot of values and history that are essential. Not only does the show give us answers to many questions that the children have been having but it makes them aware of the rich heritage and the story that we all love. The makers will soon give us answers about the third season very soon. The Legend Of Hanuman is a very good story that has gained not only young audience but also adults.

There have not been any trailers released for part three yet but according to many rumours, they say the show has been renewed. But let us wait for the makers to make announcements and tell us when this Legend will be returning. The trailer for the second season is available on Youtube!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Legend Of Hanuman

1. Where can I stream The Legend of Hanuman?

The story can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar

2. How many seasons does The Legend of Hanuman consist of currently?

The show has two seasons currently.

3. Is there a trailer of season 3 of The Legend of Hanuman?

No, there is trailer available yet for the third season.

4. When will season 3 of The Legend of Hanuman release?

The season has not had any release dates yet.

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