Masaba Masaba Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Predicted Story!

Fashion and beauty, these are two things that many find essential. But what’s more important is love and inner beauty. There are series that signify these mainly. But, Masaba Masaba is a mixture of all these elements. There’s fashion, confidence, chaos and a lot of drama. The show is a must-watch if you are crazy about drama and the design world of India.

Masaba Gupta is the sole lead of the show, and what a queen she is! Watching all these elements of her life has boosted my confidence entirely! She is the lead of the series along with her mother Neena Gupta. The show has spoken all about her fashion taste, House Of Masaba and her personal life and all that buzz.

The audience is loving the two seasons on Netflix and we all waiting for more. The seasons are getting better over the years. The second season was out very recently and we are now waiting for the third part. Let’s discuss when the third one might arrive.

Masaba Masaba Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Masaba Masaba has been a huge success. I for one, loved the way it revolved around a lot of positivity and strength. We all love how well the show has turned out and its ending too. The show surprisingly had a very peaceful end too which has raised questions about its renewal. The first season came out in 2020 and the second one came out in 2022. So, the season might come out in 2024 as the show has previously taken two years to come back with another season.

The cast and story have been beautiful so far and we have all loved the premises. So, the show might be really interesting to go on with. With the way it ended, we have to wait for Netflix to make its announcement about its comeback. The second season gave peace with the scene with Dhairya but it went for a spin when Viv calls her all of a sudden! There’s a lot of spice that’s coming our way!

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Masaba Masaba Season 3 Predicted Story

Masaba Masaba Season 3 Release Date

So, the second season goes on with Masaba and her life when she swears off dating. She has been with a lot of guys and doesn’t like any. Her scene with Jogi is also kind of spicy but does not seem to progress further. The season takes us along with her launch of House Of Shaadi and the way she deals with the spoilt brat Aisha. While this happens, she does develop a chemistry with Fateh and this takes things for a spin.

Meanwhile, Dhairya has been staying by Masaba’s side hinting at her about his romantic interests. While she doesn’t know, she gets to know when he tells her on the cycle ride. Things do go weird but they are manageable. Later, she has a tenth-anniversary party for the success of House Of Masaba and that’s when there’s a lot of drama! There’s a scene with Gia being drunk and then Masaba faces the paparazzi. When they tell her about the death of her beloved Wendall sir, she is taken aback.

Well, what does she do? She gets home with Dhairya and leaves him at her doorstep. When Dhairya insists on stepping in, she finds herself waking up in his arms. Well, that’s quite a development, right? So, she tries to focus more on the Shaadi collection and the Aisha Fateh wedding.

She starts to understand how Mehek feels too! She designs a dress just for Mehek and feels better about herself. She goes on an adventure with Fateh when they miss the flight and have a huge issue with the travel. The kiss sequence and her bold answer to Fateh is such an inspiration that we all loved it. So, the season comes to an end when she tries to get her relationship straight with Dhairya. She ends her huge event soon and comes all the way back just to see if things are going right with Dhairya. After she talks to him and gets things straight after he told he’ll be dropping out as the investor, she tells him all the stories.

They finally resolve all the issues and share a kiss. The season ends with Viv, Masaba’s dad calling her and this is the end. So that cliffhanger will get solved when the season comes back and we can see her chemistry with Dhairya continue and the relationship to start.

We will let you know when we get details about the third season!

Until then, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Masaba Masaba

1. What is the show Masaba Masaba about?

The show is about Masaba Gupta.

2. Who is Masaba’s dad?

Viv Richards is Masaba Guptas dad.

3. How many seasons are there in Masaba Masaba?

There are currently two seasons.

4. Where can I stream Masaba Masaba online?

The show can be streamed on Netflix.

5. Who is Masaba involved with?

By the end, Masaba is with Dhairya, aka Rana jii!

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