The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date And Spoilers!

There are so many series these days that are coming out with ancient stories and themes. Series that bring out old cultures or stories about them are grossing these days making things much more fun and interesting. The story we are discussing about today is The Last Kingdom.

The fans have been crazily excited about the show and we all have waited for every single season. the show has focused mainly on civil wars. The story is set in the 9th century and the glory it brings out damn, it’s very intriguing.

Civil wars within England have always been a thing of interest and bringing it on screen was one of the best decisions the makers made. The show came back with seasons one after one which kept the audience more interested and happy. With every upcoming season, the audience wondered about when the next season will come back.

In the same way, they are wondering about the arrival of the sixth season of the show. Will it come back to entertain us again? Read further to know more about The Last Kingdom!

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

The story of The Last Kingdom is just very captivating and really fun. While focusing on the story of the civil wars and the situation in England, things are pretty steep. But the makers of the show surely know their way around things since they lightened the mood with their characters and the story.

Name Of The ShowThe Last Kingdom
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreHistorical Drama
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Streaming OnNetflix
The Last Kingdom Season 1 Release Date 10 October 2015
The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date Not Announced

The tale of The Last Kingdom is not any ordinary one. The narration, the plot and everything have stolen the audience’s heart. With every season they were excited. Even now, they are eagerly waiting for the sixth season to come back so that they can binge-watch it too! With all this interest and love for the plot, the makers are in love with the audience.

Even if the series does not continue, the tale of Uhtred of Bebbanburg will not end. The story will thus continue by itself, no matter what. The truth must be revealed now. It is that the show The Last Kingdom will not return and it has been cancelled.

Yes, the makers have told us that season six will not be back and the show has ended. But do not dishearten, there is much ahead planned for the audience. Since the show has ended, there will not be any abrupt end to it.

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In turn, the makers are planning to make a movie about the show to give a proper ending. Even to the characters, the show and the makers are planning to give a proper send-off and a perfect ending to all of it. The title of this movie would be The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. Since no characters in this show will return, nobody will play the roles of the characters again.

But even in the movie, there might be some variations. The cast has not been perfectly set yet but there are some characters that have been fixed yet. Uhtreds character is going to be played mostly by Alexander Dreymon and thus we might surely love him. Also now, Mark Rowley will also be back for the character!

Some other characters also might return but let us wait and watch to see what will happen regarding the show. After we have proper knowledge, we will be able to predict better.

Until then, stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Last Kingdom

1. How many seasons are there in The Last Kingdom?

The Last Kingdom has five seasons to it already.

2. What period is the show The Last Kingdom set in?

The show The Last Kingdom is set in the 9th century.

3. Which country does the show mainly focus on in The Last Kingdom?

The show The Last Kingdom focuses on ancient England and the happenings in there.

3. Was The Last Kingdom cancelled?

Yes, the show The Last Kingdom has been cancelled and it will unfortunately not return for a sixth season.

4. What is the continuation of The Last Kingdom?

As good news, the story will however continue as a movie and it is titled The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die.

5. Where can we watch the show The Last Kingdom online?

The Last Kingdom was streamed on BBC.

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